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806-902 MHz 6dB 4 Element Yagi Antenna 806-902 MHz 6dB 4 Element Yagi Antenna

This yagi antenna includes a 19 inch pigtail terminated with an N female connector. U-bolts; maximum mast diameter is 2 1/8 inches are supplied for mounting.

Product Code: 20-541959

Our Price: $79.95
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Black Comtelco UHF YAGI,7db 3- ELEMENT 450 470 MHz Black Comtelco UHF YAGI,7db 3- ELEMENT 450 470 MHz

Black Comtelco UHF YAGI,7db 3- ELEMENT 450 470 MHz

Product Code: 33-542003

Our Price: $99.95
Terrawave T09100Y11206T Yagi Base Antenna 806-960, 10dBi, Terrawave Yagi Base Antenna

TERRAWAVE 806-960 MHz 10 dBi Yagi Antenna. Comes with Articulating mount and 12" pigtail with N- Style Jack.

Product Code: 20-541560

Our Price: $109.95
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Laird PC806N Yagi Base Antenna 806-866, 8.5dB, Laird Yagi Base Antenna

6 element yagi. 9 dB directional gain. 1 piece construction, elements welded to boom. Feed system enclosed. Mounts with one or two u-bolts thru boom.

Product Code: 20-541587

Our Price: $112.95
Terrawave T09150Y11206T Yagi Base Antenna 824-960, 15dBi, Terrawave Yagi Base Antenna

TERRAWAVE 824-960 MHz 15 dBi Yagi Antenna. Comes with Articulating Mount & 12" Pigtail with N Jack.

Product Code: 20-541566

Our Price: $135.95
Maxrad MYA4506 Yagi Base Antenna 450-470, 10.2dB, Maxrad Yagi Base Antenna

6 element yagi. Solid elements have threaded mounting holes for positive lock to boom. 10.2 dB directional gain. Available in black finish.

Product Code: 20-541557

Our Price: $147.95
Maxrad BMOY Yagi Base Antenna 440-480, 9dBd, Maxrad Yagi Base Antenna

5 element 9dB black yagi. No tuning required. Seamless aluminum construction, 360 deg. welds, and a powder coated finish give superior durability. Mount hardware incl.

Product Code: 20-541555

Our Price: $224.95
Larsen YA5740W Yagi Base Antenna 740-806, 9dBd, Larsen Yagi Base Antenna

Larsen Yagi directional antennas are designed with strengthened aluminum alloys to assure long life and best performance for the most demanding applications.

Product Code: 20-541561

Our Price: $224.95
Maxrad MYA1505K Yagi Antenna 150-174, 9.2dB, Maxrad Yagi Base Antenna

150-174 MHz, 5 element yagi, field tunable, 9.2dB gain, N-female connector, 6' long, 4 lbs., 100 mph wind rating, 2" diameter support pipe, u-bolds included. Fantastic VHF distance reception.

Product Code: 20-540930

Our Price: $235.95
Laird YS1503 Yagi Base Antenna 150-174, 7.1dB, Laird Yagi Base Antenna

140-174 MHz, 3 element silver series yagi, 7.1dB gain, N female connector, 42" long, 3 lbs., 2" diameter support pipe, u-bolts included. Fantastic VHF gain for a low price.

Product Code: 20-540929

Our Price: $239.95
Laird Y8066 Yagi Base Antenna 806-896, 9dB, Laird Yagi Base Antenna

806-896 MHz, 6-element, 9db Gain Beam Antenna, gold-anodized, solid aluminum, 28" L x 7" H, 2 lbs, N-female, u-bolt to 1-5/8" pipe. Our best-selling 800 MHz beam antenna.

Product Code: 07-540705

Our Price: $304.95
Laird FG1563 Fiberglass Base Antenna 156-162, 3dB, Laird Fiberglass Base Antenna

Economical fiberglass omnidirectional 3 dB gain. Gold anodized support pipe. Ideal for light duty applications.

Product Code: 20-541571

Our Price: $315.95
Laird Y4506 Yagi Base Antenna 450-470, 10.2dB, Laird Yagi Base Antenna

10.2 dB gain 6 element gold anodized yagi antenna. Solid elements are welded to boom for high durability.

Product Code: 20-541558

Our Price: $325.95
Maxrad BMYD806O Base Antenna 806-896, 14dBd, Maxrad Base Antenna

elements and boom are manufactured from aircraft quality 6061-T6 aluminum for optimum strength. Antenna is anodized for corrosion resistance.

Product Code: 20-541565

Our Price: $455.95
Laird FG4507 Fiberglass Base Antenna 450-460, 7dB, Laird Fiberglass Base Antenna

Gold Fiberglass Base Station antennas are collinear designs enclosed in a high density fiberglass, which is covered with a protective ultraviolet inhibiting coating.

Product Code: 20-541570

Our Price: $478.95
Laird Y1505 Yagi Base Antenna 150-174, 9.2dB, Laird Yagi Base Antenna

5 element yagi. 9.2 dB directional gain. Gold anodized for longer life, element mount holes are threaded to provide positive RF connection.

Product Code: 20-541559

Our Price: $485.95
Decibel DB436 Yagi Base Antenna 450-470, 10dB, Decibel Yagi Base Antenna

6 element yagi. 10 dB directional gain. Heavy duty.

Product Code: 20-541556

Our Price: $599.95
Andrew Solutions DB224 Broadband Base Antenna 155-165, 7dB, Andrew Solutions Broadband Base Antenna

Lightweight, 4 bay exposed dipole. Field adjustable 6 dB omni or 9 dB offset pattern. Can mount on side or top of tower.

Product Code: 20-541567

Our Price: $999.95
Andrew Solutions DB633 Fiberglass Base Antenna 450-482, 3dB, Andrew Solutions Fiberglass Base Antenna

Omnidirectional, fiberglass antenna. Dual skirt dipole design. Uses new Horizon Blue fiberglass radome for minimum tip deflection in high winds. 3dB gain.

Product Code: 20-541569

Our Price: $1,399.95