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Yagi style directional antennas allow greater range and performance over omnidirectional antennas for their intended frequency ranges. They are also useful in eliminating digital simulcast interference. These antennas allow increased performance in a single direction while rejecting reception from other directions.
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806-902 MHz 6dB 4 Element Yagi Antenna 806-902 MHz 6dB 4 Element Yagi Antenna

This yagi antenna includes a 19 inch pigtail terminated with an N female connector. U-bolts; maximum mast diameter is 2 1/8 inches are supplied for mounting.

Product Code: 20-541959

Our Price: $79.95
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Terrawave T09100Y11206T Yagi Base Antenna 806-960, 10dBi, Terrawave Yagi Base Antenna

TERRAWAVE 806-960 MHz 10 dBi Yagi Antenna. Comes with Articulating mount and 12" pigtail with N- Style Jack.

Product Code: 20-541560

Our Price: $109.95
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Maxrad MYA4506 Yagi Base Antenna 450-470, 10.2dB, Maxrad Yagi Base Antenna

6 element yagi. Solid elements have threaded mounting holes for positive lock to boom. 10.2 dB directional gain. Available in black finish.

Product Code: 20-541557

Our Price: $147.95
Laird YS1503 Yagi Base Antenna 150-174, 7.1dB, Laird Yagi Base Antenna

140-174 MHz, 3 element silver series yagi, 7.1dB gain, N female connector, 42" long, 3 lbs., 2" diameter support pipe, u-bolts included. Fantastic VHF gain for a low price.

Product Code: 20-540929

Our Price: $239.95