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I just wanted to say how overwhelmingly pleased I am with my new Home Patrol 2 scanner purchase. My scanner arrived today and it was ready to listen to right out of the box! The sound quality is excellent and the overall performance of this unit exceeded my expectations! This is an awesome device and I would highly recommend it if you love to listen to scanners as much as myself.

Terry P


I just received my BCD536HP Scanner. Turned it on and immediately was listening to my areas police and fire departments. The clarity is outstanding. Glad I had you program the unit for me. WORTH IT! JUST WANTED TO SAY THANKS!.

Bill P.


I just received your e-mail concerning my shopping cart. Thank You for being concerned if I may have been experiencing problems or whatnot. I put everything in the cart because I am defenitel going to be making this purchase through. I bought the Uniden 346XTC with all the same accessories from Amazon and then learned about you guys through reading some reviews of other people that where having trouble with there scanner bought from amazon. I cant believe the service that you guys give in getting the scanner running in my area with all the info I give you, this is a fantastic service you have and I know that i am going to be a long time customer of yours for years to come, as I am just a beginner at this new hobby that i know that i'm going to love. I sent all the Amazon purchases back and am awaiting my refund so that I can make my purchases from you folks instead. I cant wait till I get this new scanner from you guys, all programmed and ready to go!!!


Your new customer for life,
Jimmie S


WOW I can't believe it. I placed order yesterday with Jonathan yesterday and I just received an email that is being shipped. I am amazed. I received the BEST customer service ever, every question answered, the best options available, and thorough search of options available for my area. I am so totally amazed, in this day and age, of terrible customer service, how pleased I am.

Thank you so much Jonathan.

Joan S


Hi Richard,

Art Donahue here, a long-ago Boston TV news photog from the 70s at WBZ-TV. My wife and I were walking on the rail trail thru Holliston on Saturday when we crossed Hopping Brook Road and saw the Scanner Master building on the directory. We walked down the road and were greatly impressed with your building. I just wanted you to know that I've purchased many of your frequency guides at You-Do-It since you started during the Blizzard of 78, after hearing about them thru Nat Whittemore and Joe Hamel. (I ran the pool video camera in the state police helicopter with Gov. Dukakis the day after the blizzard.) I think I probably purchased nearly every one of your guides and updates over the years. I moved to WFSB-TV3 in Hartford and continued to purchase them. I started out with an old tunable tube Regency VHF high band receiver while working at WWLP-TV22 in Springfield way back in 1971. Over the years I owned Regency, Pace, Bearcat, Radio Shack, Fanon and Tenelec scanners and bags full of crystals. I also became ham radio operator KA1-GGG after getting my FCC First Class License and had Drake and Icom 2 meter radios installed in various news car. I've never met you in person, but seeing your building made me want to contact you and just thank you for all those guides over the years. You made my years as a news photographer so much easier with your expert knowledge of New England radio. I'm glad you have been able to turn your passion into a successful and unique business. It was fun to discover your building just off the rail trail and it brought back a lot of memories.

Here is a link to an overview of my TV photography career. Many of the spot news stories were aided by your unique frequency guides.

There is even some 78 blizzard footage in it. Thanks for listening!


Art Donahue from John Goheen on Vimeo.



I recently purchased a AC power cord for my vintage Uniden 760 Scanner. The original cord had a brake in it and only worked intermittently. I called Scannermaster and inquired about replacing it. To my surprise the answer was "yeah we have those." You guys have never let me down. I bought my latest scanner and all the accessories from you because your customer service is excellent.

The cord was delivered to my house and sat there for a few months. I gave the scanner to my dad in New York State and told him I'd bring a new cord with me next time I come home. I get all the way there and the cord wouldn't work. I was livid. I brought it back with me to my house in NH and called your number. I talked to the same gentleman I always seem to get and he was wonderful.

Scannermaster sent me a new cord at no charge (even though it was out of the 90 day warranty). The cord arrived in three days, free shipping, and I mailed the broken one back to you in the same box the same day. Next trip to NY and the cord worked fine. As an aside, I called home today and my mother remarked that my father was sitting on the couch listening to the scanner. Job well done.

Scannermaster is a great company. The technical advise and customer service you provide is second to none and I will always go to you first for any scanners or accessories. I will never use a big box store or Radio Shack for any of those type of things. Scannermaster knows how to take care of their customers.

Keep up the good work!

Hudson, NH

Subject: Customer Feedback for Scanner Master


I wanted to write and say thanks a million for all your help it was very much appreciated. The sites you sent were very informative it will help me add some channels for stock car race tracks.

I will be looking at your web site for a case for the BCD436HP if you ever get them I will buy from your site.

Thought you might like a good laugh I am so excited I programed in the frequency' for Bangor Int'l Airport it is 9:30pm I live eight miles away I want to drive there and test the scanner. I would not too close to bed time.

Thanks again for everything you have done for me I am a very happy person.

My best to you.


Joe L

Subject: Customer Feedback for Scanner Master


You all are awesome!!! I received my new BCD-436HP scanner in less than 24 hours in a snow storm!!! When you say you ship fast, YOU ARE SERIOUS!!!!!!! And the scanner is incredible!!! Just punched in the zip code and I am listening to all the action in Northern Vermont!!!!!!!

Thanks so much!!!! You have a very pleased customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ernie R


Subject: Customer Feedback for Scanner Master

You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for having my husbands Birthday present here on his birthday. I ordered the scanner, put 2nd day air to arrive on his birthday. OK, that's all good, then "Oh No" I read the part about it may take 1 to 10 days to program no matter what shipping you arrange. I thought to myself, well I can wrap up the receipt I guess. But then, much to my surprise, excitement and amazement, Friday November 15th (my husbands birthday) the doorbell rang and a delivery from scanner masters had arrived. You guys work miracles. I think that is the best service I've ever had from ordering something online. I'm telling anyone and everyone about you guys. Thanks again for your awesome customer service.

A very satisfied customer,
Christine M.


Subject: Customer Feedback for Scanner Master

I want to thank you fr your quick service with my order. I ordered a BCT15X on Sunday with programming and it was shipped Monday afternoon. I love the product and your quick service exceeded all of my expectations. It is my first scanner and was very happy that it arrived quickly. I would also like to thank Greg in programming for taking the time to communicate with me about the programming of my scanner. Great service

Thanks again

Michael S.

Subject: Customer Feedback for Scanner Master

I have purchased a Uniden BCD996 XT scanner with the pre-program option plus the USB cable and supporting software (ARCXT). I have had the normal learning pains and found Scanner Master delivery, support and courtesy to be OUTSTANDING!!!!

I would recommend Scanner Master a 10 PLUS! Response time for help and ordering has been way more than the norm. I will continue to buy and recommend them to everyone who is interested in their products.

Congratulations to Scanner Master and all their associates for a job done extremely well.

Roger R.


Subject: Thank you

Dear Mr. Barnett,

I am very happy to report the Scanner that you had Programmed for us is performing beautifully. Thank you so much for everything.


Mel and Tomiko M.


Subject: Customer Feedback Remote Programming

My remote programming of my Uniden 15x scanner went very well. The programmer Greg Jolly ask me allot of questions to customize my scanning programming experience to my specifications. If I had mailed my scanner back to you it would been on the truck and back for about 14 days round trip counting weekends. All that time and gas, what a waste. By programming my scanner remotely I was able to see positive results minutes after Greg professionally programmed it. I thanked the Scanner Master Corporation for providing their customers this much needed service.

Robert Y.


Subject: Customer Feedback BCT15X


We purchased a Uniden scanner from your company a couple months ago to replace an outdated system. I just wanted to let you know that we very much appreciate your help. The set-up you recommended works so well. We pick up radio transmissions 80 miles away with no problems, when before with our old system had trouble hearing radio traffic 5 miles away.

Again thanks for your help and the great products.


Donald L.
Operations Petty Officer
U.S. Coast Guard

Subject: Customer Feedback

Rich: I want to thank you for all of your hard work for the scanner community, it is appreciated. I for one enjoy doing business with a firm which has grown with the technology into a base the hobby can truly appreciate.

R. Miner

Subject: Customer Feedback

Just wanted to drop you a note saying that your chat team helped "enormously" with order 112690. Whoever 'support' us in chat for this order should be commended. Thank you for having a LIVE support team! It does make a difference given the multitude of vendors I could have purchased the scanner. Even better that local people!!


Subject: Customer Feedback

Just a note to let you know how happy I am with the antenna ( W-801 Regular Gainer BNC Portable Antenna) I purchased from you! I pickup signals I've never heard with the stock antenna.

A+ product, fast shipping, great customer service!


Subject: Customer Feedback

To whom this may concern: I recently purchased the BCD396XT scanner w/accessories and wanted to tell you that this purchase met and exceeded all my expectations! You guys did a great job of programming my new scanner and provided excellent info on this scanner so that I could make an informed decision on the kind of scanner I needed. Keep up the good work you all do so well!

Bellaire, Michigan


Subject: Customer Feedback

This is Dave C, just wanted to drop u guys a line and thank you for the great job you did programming my Bearcat BCD996XT digital scanner. The unit works great and the sound is unbelievable Greg was a huge help in instructing me on how to operate the machine. I have the scanner set up exactly the way I had hoped. Also Greg sold me an antenna and the base that fit on my car perfectly. I am very happy that chose Scanner Master to help me and that I met Greg. He was very professional and extremely knowledgeable of the systems.

Thanks again -------Dave


Subject: Customer Feedback

Hello. My name is Christopher M. I just purchased a Uniden Home Patrol 1 from you. Let me say that I am entirely pleased with the purchase. The scanner arrived in PERFECT condition and everything that I expected to be there was. The Home Patrol was the easiest scanner I have ever setup. Within a couple of minutes I was scanning. The audio quality was supurb and overall its working perfectly. The experience with Scanner Master was excellent and I would DEFINITELY recommend you to anyone interested in purchasing a scanner. Your price beat almost every one I found on the internet for the Home Patrol. THANK YOU!!! I hope we can do more business in the future.
Chris M.

Subject: Thanks!

Hi Sales, Thanks for all the hard work in getting my new BCD396 xt programmed and shipped in good time! I am pleased that I can turn on the radio and listen! Thanks also for stocking the accessories etc. for this radio. Great Store!
Renee D.


Subject: Good Job

Thank you for your swift response. It is nice to know that there are reputable firms plying the Internet world that you can deal with. Be assured that when the chance presents itself I will recommend and talk favorably about Scanner Master.Michael P.

Subject: 396XT Scanner

Dear Dan:I received my scanner on 04/16/2010 and I couldn't be more pleased with it's increased performance. You did a "superb job" of programming both Hays and (digital) Travis County, Texas for me. I can even receive Lakeway Police frequency which is 30 miles from my home. That means allot to me since I used to be a police officer for that agency some years back. Travis County, TX has gone digital now and I receive all of the Police channels clearly on my scanner now. Your professional programming expertise is much appreciated by me and I now able to enjoy my 396 XT scanner to it's full capacity.Best Regards,Robert Y.

Subject: Laird Antenna

Mr. Barnett: I received the coax on Wednesday, and the antenna on Thursday. UPS for the win! Thank you very much for bearing with me throughout this unfortunate incident. Your willingness to stick it out and assure my ultimate satisfaction is a very positive testament to you and to Scannnermaster's commitment to customer service. Now that I am wheelchair, I am stepping up my efforts to revamp my monitoring station, so that I can enjoy more solo time here at the house. I'll be ordering yet more scanners soon, and you can be assured that I will look to Scannermaster for my future needs.
Very Thankfully, Rob D.

Subject: Good Job

I shopped around for a scanner for some time. When I discovered your website, I found it gave me all of the information I needed to buy the right scanner at the right price. I ordered my GRE-PSR-300 scanner on Sunday and it came (without special shipping) via UPS on Tuesday. Your service was nothing short of excellent. I will recommend your site and it's products to all of my friends. I also look forward to doing business with you in the future. Keep up the good work!!!
Rodger L.

Subject: Your Order has Shipped

Just want to say THANK YOU again for perfect service and products! I'm trying to get everyone to buy from ScannerMaster-this is the BEST choice for support and products!! Great job guys! I'm making another order soon too!!
D. Martin

Subject: Customer Comments for Scanner Master

I just received my scanner, after some slight confusion on my part about programming, and I have to say, my scanner ROCKS!! Being a retired officer from Baltimore County, this scanner is the same quality as the police radios and has all of the frequencies. Thank you guys very much for programming it for me! I am very pleased with the service that you have provided to me! If any of my friends are looking for a scanner I will definitely send them your way.
Michelle S.

Subject: Programming Data

Daniel, after playing with our scanner we have discovered that the programming was indeed loaded. The city talk groups are not labeled separately but they are grouped under the Alexandria Fire/EMS/Police. So they are all there.
We are very satisfied with the scanner and are having a lot of fun listening to all of the wild things going on around D.C. etc.
Thanks for your great customer service.
Stephanie and Dave E.

Subject: Christmas Gift

Received my Bearcat Scanner here on Christmas Eve in the middle of a blizzard. Just had to pug in the antenna and power cords and turn it on. I was immediately receiving police, sheriff, and ambulance calls! Had you all pre program it for my county.
I am very pleased with the service you provided, including how to pick the right scanner for my area. This is my first scanner.
I have referred Scanner Master to about 10 people already!
Thank You Again, Happy Holidays,
Greg W.


Subject: Your Order has Shipped

Dear Sir,
Initially I had trouble receiving this package. UPS returned it to sender without holding it like they normally do. You must have received and turned it around very quickly. I was able to pick it up from UPS - just in time for vacation. Thanks so much.
Additionally, I want to thank you for the programming. I requested Anne Arundel County Maryland fire frequencies, which you programmed. You also must have noticed my home address in Howard County, b/c that was also programmed. You went above and beyond. Thanks. I will recommend you in the future.
-david b.


Subject: Customer Feedback for Scanner Master

Dear Scanner Master: On Monday I placed an order for a Uniden BC346XT and a Watson 801 gainer antenna.It arrived today (Wednesday) in excellent condition. Thank you for the great service and super fast "FREE" shipping, it is very much appreciated. I will highly recommend your company to anyone looking to purchase a scanner or related item. It is very rare to get this quality of service from a company, and I just wanted to let you know that you made me a very happy customer.Craig S.

Subject: Thank you

Thank you for your very prompt reply and suggestions. That is why I

prefer to deal with an established reputable company. As CEO of a bank
I am very aware of the need of good customer service.
From William H.

Subject: Different scanner needed for your area

Webmasters Note: We spotted an order that a customer in western Pennsylvania placed through our online ordering system and we immediately wrote him before the order was shipped:

Dear Mr. S.,
Thank you very much for your order. Unfortunately though Westmoreland County uses an APCO-25 digital radio system that requires a digital scanner such as the Uniden BCD996XT or the GRE PSR-600 to monitor. These are considerably more expensive radios ($495 and $448 respectively). Please advise whether you would like to go ahead with your current order (we will program what we can for Westmoreland, it will be a limited amount), if you would like to drop Westmoreland and receive a $35 credit on the programming, or if you would like to upgrade to one of the digital radios (which will also work with non-digital systems). Thank you.
Rich Barnett
Scanner Master Corp.

Mr. S. replied:
Thank you for the information. Let's cancel this order then and I will
discuss with my wife. Is there a certain scanner you recommend? Thanks
again...I'm glad I placed order with you. Anyone else would have just sold
the other scanner to me.
Bill S.

Subject: customer comment

as always I am pleased with the Customer Service at Scanner Master, I am a returning customer and have purchased all of my scanners from Scanner Master. and the programing you offer is excellent. If it weren't for you guys I don't know where I'd be. You use to get from Uniden a printed manual,Now you only get one on a CD ROM love my scanner Uniden model BCD396XT and would recommend Uniden scanners to anyone, and especially if purchased through Scanner Master. Their customer service is the best in the business.
Stephen B.

Subject: My Scanner Master Order

The scanner was received, and the programming provided (by your Company) is superb, Thank You - for the great service and attention to detail.
Brian G.

Subject: Satisfied customer

Attn. : Jonathan Higgins
I submitted a contact form on your website concerning a recent purchase of a GRE PSR-500 Scanner. Three days after receiving the scanner I was sent an email with notification of a price decrease of $50. I asked if Scannermaster would give a credit since the purchase was so close to the price decrease. In less than 24 hours you responded that a credit would be given.
It is a pleasure to deal with a company that takes customer support so seriously. I will recommend Scannermaster to everyone I know who wishes to purchase your products and services.
Thank you very much
Martin L.

Subject: satisfied customer
Dear sirs,
I just want to thank you for your kind assistance in my recent order. First I ordered a base scanner package late on a Friday. On Saturday I learned that a newer version was going to be released. I called your sales line and was helped by a gentleman who cancelled my order and provided the cancellation details. After additional study I decided on another model (hand-held) package. I requested next day delivery when I ordered on Thursday. The complete package was delivered Friday morning. I could not be more happier with my choice and especially the assistance and excellent service your business provided.
I usually don't write this type of email but I was very impressed. Thank you for help and filling my order promptly. I will be considering additional purchases based on this experience.
Thanks Again,
Bob G.

Subject: Customer Comments

To whom it may concern,
My name is Kirt and I was given one of your radios as a gift about 18 months ago. Let me just say that I have been singing praises on behalf of the radio ever since. It has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given. I am an avid hockey fan and I love to listen to my local announcers call the game, the national broadcast commentators are never any fun to listen to and they always seem to be favoring the other team. Being able to listen to Mr. Mike Lang call the games has been worth the radio's weight in gold.
So my question to you is, I want to give a handful of your radios out for thank you gifts to a bunch of my close friends and family. They have been very instrumental in getting me through some recent struggles in my life and I want to show my apprieciation in a unique way. With all of that said, I would like to purchase up to 10 radios and I was wondering if there are any type of bulk discounts available or just a percentage off for buying a half dozen or so.
Thank you so much,
A big fan,
Kirt J.

Subject: Customer Comments

Dear Jonathan Higgins:
I received the GRE 200 Scanner on 4/23/09, as promised by you the previous Monday. I have already programmed it and it is running just fine.
I want to personally thank you for the great help you were to me in returning the Bearcat, and your suggestion of the GRE. It was my first dealing with Scanner Master, and one that I will share with family and friends. In today's world of greed and corruption, I found it refreshingly honest that you did not try to talk me into a more expensive item that I could not afford.
Again, Jonathan, thank you for all your help and especially for the added surprise of the radio frequencies! I hope your employers value you!
Cindy C.

Subject: Customer comment

A few weeks ago I purchased a GRE300 police scanner package, including local programming. This unit does everything I wanted in a scanner, and does it well. Thank you for making this scanner available and for providing excellent pre-programming. It was well worth the money.
Duane M.
Edmond, OK

Subject: Thank You

I sent you a 796D Bearcat scanner for programming in early January. I just received it back, and mustexpress my sincere appreciation for a job well done. I know that this particular scanner is not an easy scanner to program (that's why I sent it to you, the experts), so I am really appreciative for what you did for me for a nominal charge.
Thanks again, and please notify the programmer Dan that handled my radio that I am very satisfied.
Philip L.

Subject: Scanner Antenna Review

I recently ordered the new Spectrum Force Wideband Antenna and I am very pleased with it. I wrote a review for it (below) please feel free to use any part of it if you would like to, for sales purposes. Signed.
A very happy customer.
Todd E.
I came home from work on the 31st of Dec to find my antenna that I had ordered waiting for me. I have to admit when I opened it up and looked at the size of the magnet for the mount, I was skeptical. But, I threw it on the highest point of my car this morning and ran it through the back passenger window and rolled it up just in case the mount didn't hold.
I then drove the 14 miles to work, the speed limit is 65 Mph and I averaged between 65 and 70 but never lower than 65, I must say I was impressed, the antenna didn't move an inch.
While driving into work I was able to monitor the following frequencies / ranges with this antenna: Gilbert PD 860.000 Mhz P-25
AZ DPS/ State Patrol 460.000 Mhz Analog
Tempe PD 700 Mhz P-25
AZ Mills Mall Security 451.000 Mhz Analog
All came in crystal clear.
Once at work I threw it up into the ceiling tile grid to see how it would work.
Same results with all above mentioned frequencies plus I ran the GMRS/DOT/STAR frequencies also.
In conclusion, nothing but great results using this antenna. Oh, I almost forgot, when I set it up last night, I just attached it to my laptop stand that had some aluminum and light metal for the base and was picking up Border Patrol with no problems. 163.000 Mhz P-25 Once I was on the way home, I was able to get a little more open road in front of me, so even at 75 mph the antenna still didn't budge. Start the New Year out right and get this antenna, you won't be disappointed.

Subject: Researching scanners for my area

I received my BC246T package from you guys today. I wanted to let you know that I'm thrilled with it and appreciate your help in getting me started. I'm stunned at the clarity and (apparent) range and have no doubt that I'll be upgrading to digital as soon as it seems reasonable for my area. I'm overwhelmed by the terminology but have a physics/math background and hope to come up to speed quickly.
Have a good holiday.
Randy K.

Subject: My BC796D
My name is Robert Donovan and recently I sent you my Uniden BC796D for programming and I just want to say thank you for an absolutely awesome job. It was everything I expected and then some.
However, I do have a request for some assistance. I have made numerous attempts to connect my BC796D to my windows Vista computer and I have downloaded all sorts of scanner software (i.e. Arc250Pro and Proscan, in addition to the Unidien software that originally came with my scanner) and I simply cannot get my computer to recognize my scanner or run the software.
Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. If necessary I will send you my laptop and scanner for you to troubleshoot, however I am hoping you can point me in the right direction.
Robert Donovan

Subject: Customer Feedback for Scanner Master
I discovered your website through a handout that came with my Uniden BC95XLT scanner. I have made two purchases from the site, and I have to say that your site is easy to navigate, your prices are great, and the software and programming cable I purchased is exactly as advertised, and works flawlessly. You have my business forever, and as many of my friends as I can steer in your direction. Keep up the quality, and the great service!
Mark M.
Santa Maria, CA

Subject: Customer Comment
Hi Jonathan, We spoke on Friday morning about the issues I encountered on the previous emails. You couldn't have been more correct on explaining it over the phone. Since our conversation I have gone through the process and re-edited several times. Works like a charm. You should write the manuals.....they did not do nearly as good a job as how to set this up as you did. Hope you're feeling better.
Thanks again,

Subject: Thank You
Thanks for the great scanner! The programmers did an awesome job and I'm still figuring out all the bells and whistles. I'm vvery happy with it!
I hope your business does well during these trying times. I'll do my part by recommending you. Angelynn J.

Subject: Thank You
I have to tell you folks, you are second to none. Your service, quality and fast service is sure to be the envy of other companies. In my opinion, they can learn from your business model. In particular, I ordered a scanner case recently and received it, as described, at a fair price and with quality materials, within a couple of days.
I can only say, FANTASTIC!
Thank you,
Robert G.

Subject: Customer Comment
Jonathan, I can't thank you enough for your time and effort in helping me find the right scanner for my parents. I forwarded the info to them and they should be placing an order with you soon. Thanks to you again!!!! Lori

Subject: Customer feed back
Thanks Jonathan. I did place my order with you guys yesterday. You personally, were the decision maker for me with your online chat and professionalism.
I look forward to receiving it.
Thanks, Mike S.

Subject: Customer feed back
You're my hero. Close Call was a big part of why I got this unit, so it was one of the first things I turned on. Thanks. Everything's coming in nice and smooth now.
chris b.

Subject: Customer feed back
Hi Jonathan, I just wanted to let you know that my scanner is now scanning like it used to. Thank you so much for taking the time and going the extra mile to help me. If other people would have been as dedicated as you are, I would have been listening a lot sooner and I could have avoided sending my scanner in for repairs it did not need. Your the best. If you have a boss, I hope you show this to him. Thanks again, Mary E.

Subject: City of Lafayette
I thought that I would tell you that I did go ahead and purchase the BC246T scanner package with the local programming. It works GREAT. I am REALLY pleased with the scanner and your service. Thanks!!!

Subject: Comment on Purchase
Good morning.
I wanted to take a moment to comment on my recent purchase of a GRE PSR500 scanner.
I was quite pleased with the whole process, from pricing to the good website to the fast shipping. I checked many websites and found yours to be the best, with useful links, up-front shipping cost info and prominently displayed contact information for email, phone and physical address.
Thanks for the good service and good product. I am quite happy with the whole experience and will be sure to recommend you to friends and will gladly consider Scanner Master for future purchases.
Mark C. - KF0CG
Fargo, ND

Subject: Received Scanner
Hi.....just wanted to let you know we got our scanner last night.....unpacked it, put on the antenna, plugged it in and it worked like a charm. We really like it, it's a lot of fun, and it keeps us informed as to whats going on in our community. Thank you very much for doing everything you said you would do. It's a good product, it arrived on time and tell the guy who programmed it, we said "good job." The only bad part is, it's worse than eating peanuts, once you start listening you don't want to turn it off. I fell asleep listening to it last night, and my husband had to get up at 3 am and turn it
Thanks again, and if anyone in our area wants a scanner, we will certainly recommend your company.
Take care...........Madlyn F.

Subject: Customer Feedback for Scanner Master
Wow, thanks for the FAST response!!!!
I like the Uniden simple scan!!!! I am anxious to get my scanner. I feel with the software tutorial and understanding the simple scan/search mode I am starting to have a level of confidence to operate the scanner when it arrives. Although some people think the digital scanners are high priced, in the 70's I paid 399.00 for one of the first radio-shack 20 ch programmable scanners when they first can out + 40. for the two antennas, the scanner did not come with any antennas!!! To be able to get the BCT-15 for 200 and change is awesome and a real deal. I had to go digital because I will be moving back to St. Clair Co, Illinois where agencies are using digital on the new system..and by the way, the 996 already has them programmed!!!
Anyway, thanks again and you definitely have a new customer and will tell my
friends about

Subject: Sioux City
To Mr. Jonathan J. Higgins: THANK YOU VERY MUCH! That was an extremely quick reply and all the info I needed I appreciate it so much! I will be placing an order with you folks in the very near future, you all are the best!
(I really can't tell you how much I appreciate you helping your customers decide which scanner is most appropriate there are so many different models out there, it is mind-boggling!) Plus your website is the best! Thanks again!

Subject: June 10, 2008
Thanks Rich!
I was and still am totally impressed with ScannerMaster. You`re the best in the business dude! And when I need help with a scanner, or accessories, I will rely on ScannerMaster! I have enjoyed that scanner you programmed for keeps me knowing where the crime is and I consider it an essential item. Thanks Rich!

Subject: Customer Feeback for Scanner Master
Ms. Roderique:
Just a quick note to say thanks again. My replacement earpiece arrived safe & sound. I did check to make sure that it works, & it does perfectly.
I really appreciate how your company worked with me on this matter. It's nice to discover that "Customer Service" is not totally dead in this country. Hopefully, we'll do more business together in the future.
Please feel free to pass these sentiments along to Mr. Barnett & the rest of your staff. Thanks again.
Gil F.