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We Are the Media Source for Assignment Desk Online Scanner Monitoring Systems

Scanner Master has been serving local and national media for more than three decades. As the nations largest independent scanner dealer, we sell scanners, antennas, accessories and offer programming services to those television and radio stations, newspapers and traffic reporting services.

For the last eight years Scanner Master has been developing and selling the Rangecast online police scanner monitoring system. With nine patents and more pending, Rangecast is a highly refined yet simple-to-use method for managing and controlling multiple scanners which can be located centrally or all around your market area to provide you complete coverage for your assignment desk.

However, we also serve local and national television stations and networks, including NBC, CNN, Cox and others as well as local affiliates in Miami, Orlando, Dallas, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, New York and practically every market in the country. We have been the go-to scanner and software supplier for radio stations, traffic reporting services including Total Traffic, and major newspapers such as the Miami Herald, Atlanta Journal Constitution and dozens more. What sets us apart from the competition is that we know scanners as well as or better than any other dealer in the country. We understand your needs and constraints and we know which scanners would serve your newsroom or assignment desk best.

With our Rangecast system, your entire newsroom staff can individually have web access to one bank of scanners located in your office. Scanners can also be remoted at bureau offices (or staff homes) to any staff member with a web browser and a password to your custom scanner online page. You can even monetize the Rangecast system by embedding it in your public web site to make it available to all your readers or viewers.

Our systems can offer:

Easy Solutions

Listen live to scanners or go back minutes, hours, even days in time to review radio traffic
  • All audio is recorded and stored in the Amazon S3 Cloud for 3 days for instant playback
  • Save or e-mail scanner audio to minimize response times to vital reports
  • Independent control of listening to scanner audio throughout your DMA
  • Teach anyone how to use the system in minutes!
True Accessibility
  • Scanners can be at your news desk or at remote locations yet available to everyone in your station securely online
  • Find newsworthy information quickly and easily by filtering transmissions by length, date, department, and scanner display text tags
Control in the Palm of Your Hand
  • Listen (to Rangecast) from your news desk, office, at home or on an Android cell phone, iPhone and iPad*
Everything you need
  • Whether you just a single scanner, an antenna, programming software, cases, or cabling - Scanner Master is your one stop shop for all you needs
Professional Consultation
  • Expert on-site system consultation, design, installation, testing, and training available as well as tower installation services.

Scanner Master offers two distinct options to capture the most important events in your area:

  • A web-based solution that offers all day/everyday access to live scanner audio.
  • Go back in time from 3 to 30 days
  • Customized listening in order to pinpoint the departments, transmission lengths and scanner display text tags you want to hear.
  • Monetize this system by inserting it into your website and drive traffic day and night!
  • Go viral by capture the most exciting audio relevant to events in your community and post it online.
  • Click here to visit the Rangecast website for a demonstration and to learn more.

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