Stream A Scanner

Start Streaming Your Own Local Radio Traffic with a Scanner from Scanner Master!

To stream a scanner to receive public safety agencies in your area through the interface, the most critical piece of hardware you'll need is a scanner radio (and a PC). At Scanner Master, a RadioReference partner, we offer the most complete selection of scanners available anywhere and we offer great prices to boot!

For full details on what you'll need to stream a scanner and the terms of service, see this page:

First you'll need to determine whether the public safety agencies in your area use conventional, trunking or digital-trunking radio systems. If you're streaming aviation or railroad channels typically a low-end conventional scanner will do the job. For public safety often a trunking or digital trunking scanner is required. Once you've determined the scanner type, select a desktop style scanner that matches the specifications you need.

To learn which scanner is required for your area visit the database section of or visit our Compare page.

Now to order the scanner that you've chosen visit this page:

You can also call us weekdays to order if you prefer. We also offer programming services if you would rather not spend the time learning how to program the scanner (trunking and digital trunking scanners can be complex to program for novices and for many experienced users).

Scanner Master also offers outdoor antennas and other accessories to improve reception as well an audio cable to go between your scanner's speaker jack and the microphone input on your PC.