Do you already own the scanner?

If you already own a scanner you wish to have programmed here are your options:

Option 1 - On Your Own

Programming on your own

Purchase our BuTel software for your scanner model and a frequency database subscription and do the programming yourself for those scanners which are PC programmable. Note that a programming cable is also required (some scanners come with this cable included) and a comfort level with computer software.

See the links below to order:


Option 2 - Programming/Firmware Updates Mail-in Service

Leave the programming to us!

Scanner Master offers a HomeTown Programming Mail-in service, if you bought from us or not, this is a great service for you. Ship your scanner to us and we can program it for you. - Read more
[See what scanners we program bellow


Option 3 - Remote Programming, Firmware Updating, Troubleshooting & Training

Have us program your scanner for you over the phone by remotely controlling your PC.

Scanner Master now offers a remote programming service to solve your scanner programming and operational issues. This service allows you to have your scanner programing and problems solved without having to send the scanner in to us. - Read more


HomeTown Programming and Remote Programming Approved Scanners

Uniden Scanners
GRE Scanners
RadioShack Scanners
BC125AT PSR-300 PRO-96
BCT15/X PSR-310 PRO-106
PSR-400 PRO-163
PSR-410 PRO-164
BC346XT PSR-500 PRO-197
BCD396T PSR-600 PRO-2096
BCD996T/XT PSR-700
HomePatrol HP-1 PSR-800

Programming Note

The following counties are so large with multiple complex radio systems there is an additional fee for programming as follows. If you are looking for one of these counties, choose the appropriate listing from below.

Cook County, IL
Select 5 counties/$175

Los Angeles County, CA
Select 5 counties/$175

Phoenix/Maricopa County, AZ
Select 2 counties/$105

San Diego County, CA
Select 2 counties/$105

Dallas County, TX
Select 2 counties/$105

Wayne County, MI
Select 2 counties/$105

San Bernardino County, CA
Select 2 counties/$105