ScannerStation Troubleshooting

My ScannerStation software is not running when I return to the office in the morning. What is happening overnight that is causing this to happen?

Most likely you have your computer's operating system set to automatically update early in the morning. When this happens, the operating system automatically reboots your computer, shutting down ScannerStation. Upon reboot, ScannerStation is not restarted. To fix this problem, go to your Control Panel/System/Automatic Updates and switch the command from Automatic to Turn off Automatic Updates. It is still recommended that you update your computer, but only when you are ready to shut down your PC and restart ScannerStation.

If this does not work, you may have a power issue in your building that is causing electricity to be erratic or to shut off from time to time. This will also reboot your computer or shut it off completely. To remedy this situation, you should purchase an uninterruptable power supply from Scanner Master or your local computer retailer.

My ScannerStation AudioPlayer only keeps 800 files; I thought ScannerStation could record as much data as I have hard drive space?

ScannerStation will archive information for you so that you are not overwhelmed with data. Each time 800 recordings are logged, they are saved on your hard drive. You can access these files by first opening up your AudioPlayer (from the ScannerStation screen go to View/AudioPlayer), then from within the AudioPlayer go to File/Open Audio Log File. From here you will find files of your recordings. You can access these at any time.