ScannerStation FAQ

What is the difference between ScannerStation Client and ScannerStation Server software?

ScannerStation Client allows complete control of your scanner through a graphical user interface, as well as listening capabilities and optional audio recording. The ScannerStation Server software package is a modular product for transmitting remote scanner communications to a central office in which ScannerStation Client Software resides to control and listen to the remote scanner.

How many scanners should I use to monitor my service area?

Scanners can only receive one frequency at a time. Therefore if the scanner is tuned to a frequency that is not receiving useful information while another frequency is, you will miss that opportunity. Scanner Master recommends that clients spread out frequencies among as many scanners as possible to increase the odds an important broadcast is not missed.

How many scanners can I locate on one PC?

You can locate up to 8 scanners, each utilizing ScannerStation Client software, on one PC.

How many scanners can I locate on a remote PC running ScannerStation Server?

You can locate up to 4 scanners, each utilizing ScannerStation Server software, on one PC

Why do you recommend two 22" monitors per PC?

Two large screens are necessary to see both the scanner control modules as well as the AudioPlayer at the same time. Also, the more scanners one has on a PC, the more you will need to fit on one screen at one time. A single monitor or small monitors will make use and control of the scanners very difficult.

Do I have to purchase AudioPlayer/Recorder with the ScannerStation Client software?

No. The control functions and the ability to listen to multiple scanners on one PC can be purchased without the audio recording and storage software. Note however, the AudioPlayer/Recorder requires ScannerStation Client software to operate properly.

Why do I need to utilize a speaker for each scanner?

You need a speaker for each scanner because you will want to listen to each scanner individually. If all the broadcasts were sent through one speaker the sound would be incomprehensible.

Why do I need one or more Delta 1010LT cards?

Delta 1010LT cards are four sounds cards in one. This allows for the separation of sounds from each scanner in an efficient and inexpensive manner.

What operating systems work with ScannerStation?

Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. No Macintosh operating systems work with ScannerStation.

If I provide my own computer, what are the general specifications to run ScannerStation?

  • Intel Pentium Core2, minimum 2 GHz or AMD equivalent

  • Widows XP, 2000, Vista, or Windows 7 (32 bit ONLY, ScannerStation will not run on 64 bit)

  • 1024 MB of RAM

  • 250GB Hard Drive

  • Standard sound card with line input/output

  • Standard Speaker Set

  • 10/100 Network card

  • 2 free PCI slots (full height PCI slots, NOT PCI express)

  • Duel LCD screen (minimum 19"), 22" screen preferred

  • Mouse and keyboard

  • At least 3 free USB 2.0 ports