Did the programming get messed up?

  1. Read the manual, it may help you determine how to reverse what you've done. You may have simply locked something out that can be easily restore.
  2. Call the scanner manufacturer for assistance. They sometimes can help.
  3. Send the radio in to us for a fee.
  4. Have us assist you over the phone for a fee ($60 half hour) and possibly take control of the scanner remotely.
Note, there are reasons why you may be no longer receiving the agencies you once did on your scanner:
  1. They moved to a new frequency or to a trunking and/or digital radio system. You may need a new scanner to hear them.
  2. They are now using encryption or some other type of system which cannot be monitored.
  3. The trunking radio system has "re-banded" which means either you'll need a new scanner (if you're using an older trunking scanner such as a PRO-95 or a Bearcat 780) or you'll need to do a firmware upgrade (see above).
  4. Your scanner is no longer working properly or is being affected by some sort of interference. This is very difficult to diagnose but for a fee we can try to help.
Scanners very rarely, if ever, suddenly break or stop working unless they are physically damaged. More than likely if you think this is the case it's just that frequencies or systems in your area have changed, systems have re-banded requiring a firmware upgrade or, the most common reason, you've accidentally locked out or disabled a system or frequency.