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I can't get it out of Demo mode.
  This means the software did not accept your registration code.  The registration code is case sensative and also must be entered with the dashes (if it has them).  Also make sure you are entering the correct code for the correct software.  A code for Basic will not work for Pro.
I lost my software registration keys.
  Processing these requests have low priority since you are responsible for storing the registration in a safe place, typical processing time of these requests is 2-4 weeks.

We can only lookup registration codes that were emailed. If you purchased a CD and lost the box you must purchase a new CD.

If you lost your registration code we can lookup your registration but we need the following information from you:

  • Which software you purchased
  • Exact purchase date
  • Order number or Email address used for registration
I never received my registration keys.
  Your software registation keys are emailed to the same address you used to place your order. The keys are automatically sent out through our e-commerce system the second you confirm your order.

If you do not receive them within an hour there are several possibilities:

It does take time to send and receive email. Some times outgoing mail servers are busy and/or incoming mail servers are busy. This may cause an initial lag time.

Our software does not support Google Checkout hidden emails.  These emails bounce back to us. If you used a hidden email address, please call or email to update your address in our system and we will resend the product keys.

The biggest problem is that the major email providers including GMail, Yahoo! and Hotmail all have automatic spam filters preset in to their systems, 99% of the time the email gets moved by one of these filters and put in to a separate email box. Please check ALL spam folders first! To prevent this problem, mark Scanner Master as a safe sender so all mail comes through.

Another, less common possibility may be that many of the large providers do not have our e-commerce system provider on their "white lists" so a lot of mail automatically generated from our system gets turned away. This is not as common and neither we nor our e-commerce provider has any control of this situation.
Is my software Vista Compatible?
  Each software description lists what versions of Windows they are compatible with.  However, to see a full list, visit the BuTel website, Information about Windows Vista page.
My PC crashed and I lost the software.
  If this happends, just go to our website and download another demo version of the software and then use the same registration keys codes you printed out and saved from your original purchase to turn it in to a full version. If you don't have your keycodes, see above instructions.
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