Driver Install for the Uniden Bearcat BC75XLT, BC125AT, BCD325P2, and BCD996P2

By Jonathan Higgins - Scanner Expert

Please follow the step by step instructions on how to install the drivers for the Uniden USB Programming Cable (BWZG1666001)

Step 1

Download the serial driver required for your scanner (Save it to your desktop)

BC75XLT Driver

BC125AT Driver

BCD325P2 Driver

BCD996P2 Driver

Step 2

Go to your start menu and search "Device Manager"

Step 3

Connect the Uniden USB Programming cable to your computer and scanner. Note your scanner should be powered on. Once connected the cable should appear in your "Other Devices" as seen bellow.

Step 4

Right Click on the "Other Devices" port with your scanners name in it. Then select "Update Drivers Software..."

Step 5

Select "Browse my computer for driver software"

Step 6

Click the "Browse..." button to point your computer at the Uniden drivers folder

Step 7

Select the "uniden usbser" folder and click "OK"

Step 8

Click "Next"

Step 9

Click "Install"

Step 10

Click "Close"