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Ultimate Programming
Ultimate Programming

Cost ranges from $50 and up. Email for quote.
Price starts at: $150.00

Availability: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks
Product Code: 01-680764
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Ultimate Programming is for those customers who would like Scanner Master to program more than just their hometown, but rather a wide-area including perhaps multiple cities, counties and state agencies. Some customers have had us program scanners for trips across country, trips to vacation spots, and more. Scanners can be complex and confusing to set-up and program, particularly trunking. The new Dynamic Memory Management scanners can also be a challenge for some. Scanner Master takes care of all that time-consuming work by doing the programming for you. And Advanced Programming insures that you’re able to monitor a variety of agencies and businesses over a wide area. E-mail us at [email protected] for a quote. Include the cities/counties/agencies that you’re interested in.
Programming a scanner, particularly for trunking radio systems, can be confusing and complex at times. The good thing is that once the programming is set up, you never have to change it again. Scanner Master is generally available to program scanners for your area for a fee. You can have it programmed when you buy the scanner from us or, if you already own a scanner that you want programmed, you can ship it to us to have the work done.

Note that programming fees are not refundable.

While we provide the most thorough programming possible as specified by our discussions or correspondence, we cannot be responsible for minor inaccuracies of the programming work. We are not on-site so we cannot test for minor errors, unknown frequency changes, etc. Some agencies may be using, full or part time, encryption, mobile data terminals that are non-voice, or NEXTEL or other private carrier systems that are not monitorable. Also note that due to the range that you can receive from your location, or local interference, you may not be able to receive the systems you have contracted us to program. Outside antennas or special filters may be required for you to hear exactly what you want to monitor. These situations are all beyond our control and we cannot recover the time expended to program a scanner. Thus, Programming services are not refundable even if you are returning a new radio.

Check out what satisfied customers have to say about our programming services:

Dear Scanner Master:
I'd like to take the time to thank you for programming my scanner. I've always been interested in listening to a police scanner as I grew up with my grandfather having one.
So I took the time and searched for a good one and found your site. The scanner wasn't cheap, $500 plus, as I wanted the best. I ordered it and it was shipped but when I got it I could not for the life of me figure out how to program it. I'm usually pretty good with figuring things out but was at a loss. So I contacted your company again and discussed my situation. I was instructed to ship it back with a letter outlining what exactly I was looking to have programmed, you took the time after receiving it and called me to discuss what you were going to do which was an added touch of class.
Well I just received it back from your company today and it is absolutely awesome. You did a great job and input exactly what I wanted and I'm having a ball.
Thanks for the help.
Luwetta H.
Brighton, MI

ATTN: Rich I want to thank you for all your help when I called this morning!! I am not the most patient person around so my problems with programming my new Bearcat were getting to me. Now I don't have to worry about it!! Your company will take care of it for me!! It was really nice to talk with a knowledgeable person who understands that some equipment is hard to understand at first. My radio is on its way to you with a quick note to remind you of our conversation. I can hardly wait to get it back and start to enjoy it (all thanks to you).
-Regards Dave

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