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ARC780 Software Download
Butel ARC780 Police Scanner Radio Programming Software Download

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Programming software for the BC780 Scanner.

Download the DEMO

Do you have a question/remark/suggestion regarding this software? Please contact BuTel customer support center.

IMPORTANT: this software is now sold 'as is'. This software will not be updated anymore. Please try the demo BEFORE purchasing a license for this software. ARC780 is written in an older development language and only supports short 8 character filenames!

ARC780 is the most versatile manager for your frequencies, trunk id's and trunksettings. ARC780 is the most popular scanner software package in the world and has ten thousands of happy users all over the world.
ARC780 also includes a full remote control of your BC780 with the option to load your own background picture

Overview of options in ARC780:

  • One software package for BC780 and UBC780 models.
  • Program both conventional and trunk frequencies.
  • Compatible with Windows 98/Win2000/XP.  (Not compatible with Windows Vista/7)
  • Software has been tested with Vista and works but we do not officially support ARC780 and Vista.
  • Requires serial port or USB<>serial converter cable
  • Low CPU load.

  • Virtual Control:
    • Virtual display has a real 'busy' indicator
    • Direct mode/step/att buttons
    • Display always shows memory channel/search range step
    • User selectable colors
    • Most buttons have a 'second' function programmed, available with mouse right button.
    • Change squelch mode directlty.
    • Toggle dataskip with one mouse click.
    • Extra: center tune indicator.
    • User adjustable refresh rate.
    • Virtual Control will correctly display cellular frequencies for BC780's that are modified for receiving cellular!
    • Auto backlight option: Virtual Control will automatically switch on/off the display/keyboard backlight depending on squelch open/closed!
    • When minimized Virtual Control can show a small status window.

  • Virtual Control can load any bitmap as background
  • Full Backup and Restore option
  • Extended Search > Add 200 custom search ranges to your BC780 (unlike other software these extended ranges are not fixed).
  • Easy user interface
  • All updates are free for registered users
  • With ARC780-basic you can easily import trunk frequencies from any website into your BC780.
  • Create FREE custom files for your local area online.
  • Setup your BC780 Memory & Search Data in a spreadsheet type interface.
  • Setup Trunk Id's, Trunk tags, Trunk list tags.
  • ARC780 converts and corrects Trunk ID's automatically.
  • Setup Trunk systems parameters.
  • Program tags in your memory channels banks and use over 15(!) additional characters not available when you use the 780 keyboard!
  • Setup your own memory bank 'tags'.

  • Table tags are saved in memory files
  • Table tags can be synchronized with BC780 automatically
  • Easy cut/copy/paste data between channels and banks.
  • Extra cut/copy/paste buttons that selects entire channel data
  • Move channels up and down with quick move buttons
  • ARC780 is the ONLY software that can program 3 base/step/offset settings for a Motorola type 2 system!
  • Import CSV data
  • Import data from previous saved ARC780 mem files.
  • Export CSV data
  • Merge memory bank files when reading data from the 780.
  • Program Mode and Step in every memory channel.
  • Direct Tune: click on a channel in ARC780 and the 780 will automatically tune to that memory channel.
  • Fill down option
  • Fill series option
  • Software shows you which banks are empty
  • Full clipboard support for import/export data to/from other applications
  • Insert/remove/delete/swap/sort channels with a few mouse clicks
  • Move/Copy/Swap entire memory banks or memory channels in seconds
  • Easy data toggle with mouse double click or space bar or keyboard shortcuts
  • Sort frequencies per bank
  • Sort a range of channels
  • Remove duplicate frequencies
  • Software has a build in bandplan that is simular to the BC780
  • Round option will automatically adjust frequencies simular to the BC780
  • Advanced Frequency Upload will program all selectable steps and frequencies correctly in your 780 unlike any other software available for UBC780XLT!
  • Easy Fill for setting up new banks in a few seconds (enter a start frequency and a step, and easyfill will calculate and fill the selected bank) This way you can use a memory bank for searching.
  • With EasyFill you can use memory banks as search banks because the 780 only has 10 user adjustable search banks.
  • Import frequencies directly from any website with the famous Webcatcher (integrated in ARC780!).
  • With WebCatcher, Trunk frequencies you found at any website are uploaded into your 780 within 1 minute without typing over these frequencies.
  • Import frequencies from any wordprocessor / database / spreadsheet.
  • Extra Dummy bank for storing temporary data while you are re-organising your memories.
  • Print option
  • And many more options. A helpfile is included.
User adjustable frequency bandplan: type in a frequency and software will select right mode and step from your own custom bandplan.
ARC780 Bandplan information:

Your BC780XLT has a build in bandplan. This means that when you enter a new frequency into your scanner the mode and step will be selected from a pre-programmed list.
For your convenience, ARC780 also has a build in bandplan.
When you enter a new frequency in the software the mode and step are automatically selected.

You can easily change the software bandplan.
The zipfile you downloaded contains an example custom bandplan called 780plan.dat.

How can you use and change a custom bandplan?

  • Copy the file 780plan.dat from the zipfile to the directory where you installed ARC780.
  • Open 780plan.dat with a text editor.
  • The default file looks like this:

    FR25 MD2 ST0
    FR88 MD1 ST6
    FR108 MD2 ST4
    FR137 MD3 ST0
    FR146 MD3 ST2
    FR174 MD1 ST5
    FR225 MD2 ST5
    FR400 MD3 ST2

    'mode: ( MD ) 0=FM 1=WFM 2=AM 3=NFM
    'step: ( ST ) 0=5.0 1=7.5 2=10.0 3=12.5 4=25.0 5=50.0 6=100.0

  • Every line contains a frequency, mode and step.
  • Example: a frequency of 140.000 MHz will get mode 3 ( = Am ) and step 0 ( = 5 kHz).
  • If you like to add a frequency start point of 138 MHz with mode AM and step 100 kHz add the following line:
    FR138 MD2 ST6
  • A line must contain a frequency, mode and step. You must use FR, MD and ST.
  • Save the file as 780plan.dat and restart ARC780.
  • In the software setup select 'Custom Bandplan'. ARC780 will now use your personal bandplan.
  • The bandplan file can contain a maximum of 50 lines.
  • You don't need to sort the frequencies. Just add or remove lines with a text editor.
  • When you use a custom bandplan please make sure that you use Advanced Frequency Upload in the software setup!

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