Listening to Police Scanner Radios Online

Scanner Master is the nation's oldest and largest police scanner radio dealer. Our entire focus is on police radio scanners. Please review our web site including the How Scanners Are Used section, read comments from our customers. Feel free to e-mail or call us at 1-800-SCANNER weekdays. We're more than happy to help. Please also visit our home page from where you can read about and, if you so choose, buy one of our online police scanners as well as a variety of accessories, software, antennas and more.

While listening to live feeds online is fun, owning your own scanner gives you more control over of what you want to monitor. For an undisputed, comprehensive search for the exact scanner necessary for your area, see Find The Right Scanner page. It also has a fantastic comparison feature, allowing you to compare over 100 different options for each scanner.

Live police, EMS and fire scanner broadcasts from many major cities across the USA. Listen to live police scanner audio feeds of all the public service agencies. Actual live feed links are constantly changing. Please check out Broadcastify for a full list of audio scanner streams for USA.

Want to set up your own live online scanner? Here's how! Here's how!