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AR5000A+3B Receiver


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The AR5000B+3B provides amazing sensitivity and strong signal handing across an unprecedented wide frequency coverage with all mode receive tunable down to 1Hz steps... all this in a compact cabinet weighing just 7.8 lbs. No wonder this receiver has been adopted as the definitive receiver for professional operators, top-end hobbyists, government departments and armed forces throughout the world. The short wave performance is so good that separate receivers need not be considered.

Whether sitting on the desktop monitoring short wave transmissions or connected to aerial farms for wide band VHF-UHF monitoring (via the optional AS5000 4-way aerial switch with automatic bandplan switching), operators have been astonished how the seemingly impossible has been achieved... unparalleled high performance, an amazingly flexible operating system, high build quality featuring a metal cabinet - yet still remaining very compact.

Multiple units have been interconnected at airports for communication monitoring, others have been ported via RS232 intodial-up or LAN monitoring applications. The receiver has even been combined with the optional spectrum display unit and located in distant concrete bunkers controlled via a laptop computer and dial-up connection. There is little competition for comparison, 'the rest of the pack' are significantly larger, heavier or many times more expensive!

Model: AR5000A+3
Frequency Range: 10kHz - 3000MHz * Cell blocked in the USA for FCC rules
IF frequencies: 1st IF 622.0 / 622.4 MHz
2nd IF 10.7 MHz
3rd IF 455 kHz
Receive Modes: AM, FM, USB, LSB, CW
Nominal Filter Bandwidths: 3kHz, 6kHz, 15kHz, 30kHz, 110kHz & 220kHz (provision for 500Hz option)
Tuning: NCO 1Hz to 999.999999kHz
Typical Sensitivity:
10kHz - 40kHz
22.3uV SSB/CW 3kHz 12dB SINAD
40kHz - 100kHz
4.46uV AM 6kHz 10dB S/N
1.58uV SSB 3kHz 12dB SINAD
100kHz - 2MHz
2.23uV AM 6kHz 10dB S/N
0.71uV SSB 3kHz 12dB SINAD
2MHz - 40MHz
1.58uV AM 6kHz 10dB S/N
0.71uV SSB 3kHz 12dB SINAD
0.89uV FM 15kHz 12dB SINAD
2.81uV FM 220kHz 12dB SINAD
40MHz - 1,000MHz
0.89uV AM 6kHz 10dB S/N
0.40uV SSB 3kHz 12dB SINAD
0.50uV FM 15kHz 12dB SINAD
1.58uV FM 220kHz 12dB SINAD
1,000MHz - 3,000MHz
0.71uV AM 6kHz 10dB S/N
0.32uV SSB 3kHz 12dB SINAD
0.40uV FM 15kHz 12dB SINAD
1.25uV FM 220kHz 12dB SINAD
IF output: 10.7MHz with maximum +/- 5MHz bandwidth
External reference: Internal TCXO at 12.8MHz, external input 10MHz
Frequency stability: +/- 2.5ppm (0 to +50 degrees C)
Operating temperature: 32 to +122 degrees Fahrenheit
Memory channels: 1000 (100ch x 10 banks) x2*
Search banks: 20 banks x2*
Memory Scan Speed: 45 channels per second (max)
Search Speed: 45 increments per second (max with step size of 100kHz or less)
PASS Frequency: 2100 total x2*
Aerial Input: 50 OHM undalanced. N-Type & SO239
Audio Output: 1.7 watts into 8 ohms (@ 13.5V) @ 10% distortion
Power Requirements: Nominal 13.5V DC (12 - 16V) @ 1A approx with 1W audio output
Dimensions: 8.5 x 4 x 10.2 inches (W.H.D.) approx. excluding projections
Weight: 7.8 LBS

*x2 - the 'A' version has switched EEPROM banks to double memory / search bank capacity.
Specification & price subject to change without notice due to continuous development of the receiver. E & OE.

Free download of manual and catalog (pdf file)
AR5000A+3 Quick Reference
AR5000A+3 catalog

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