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AOR ARD25 Digital Decoder
AOR ARD25 Digital Decoder


Note: This product is non-returnable for credit

Product Code: 19-500978


AOR has created an APCO25 digital decoder for use with receivers that have a 10.7 MHz IF output! It's true! Now you can receive standard (unencrypted) APCO Project 25 digital signals using an ordinary analog receiver that has a 10.7 MHz IF output. The ARD25 processes the 10.7 MHz signal, converts the digital transmission and sends it to the internal speaker, or your station speaker. Simply connect the ARD25 and begin listening to APCO 25 digital signals your analog receiver could not previously process.

Easy to connect - easy to operate
Add "new life" to your existing receiver
Compact size
No receiver modifications needed
Lets analog signals pass through
Data output through RS 232C serial port
Receivers that can use the ARD25 include the AOR AR-ONE, the AR8600 and AR5000 series, as well as other receivers and monitors that have a 10.7 MHz IF output port.

Many high quality receivers were "left behind" when some public agencies began to use APCO Project 25 digital modulation. If your receiver has a 10.7 MHz output port, the ARD25 can translate those digital signals to intelligible audio. In addition, you can also channel your receiver's analog output through the ARD25. It will automatically recognize analog signals and pass them to the ARD25 internal speaker or to an external station speaker.

Some words of caution - The ARD25 is not effective on systems that use encryption or digital modulation other than APCO Project 25. It cannot translate signals from receivers that do not have a 10.7 MHz IF output, as the full channel bandwidth is needed to convert the signal from digital to analog. The ARD25 does not add trunking capabilities to your receiver. Some jurisdictions may limit the use of devices such as the ARD25.

- Input level: More than -105dBm
- Receive modes: APCO Project 25 digital voice signal (Non encrypted signal only) Analog Narrow FM signal
- Off frequency adjustment: Automatic (AFC)
- Signal modulation: +/-20% from the specifications (Automatic adjustment)
- Squelch: Level squelch (Analog mode), adjustable squelch level
- Power requirement: 11V DC - 16V DC, 140 mA (at 12 V DC) typical
- Serial port: RS-232C 9600bps Asynchronous, 8 bit, Non parity, 1 stop bit
- Speaker input connector: 3.5 mm mono
- External Speaker output: 3.5 mm mono (signal output is mono)
- Headphone jack: 3.5 mm stereo type (signal output is mono)
- Weight: Approximately 580 g (1.3lb)
- Dimensions: 156 (d) x 100 (w) x 32 (h) (mm) 6.15 (d) x 4 (w) x 1.3 (h) (inches) Projections not included

NOTE: Communications Receivers and accessories from AOR, ICOM and ALINCO are NOT accepted for return for credit, only exchange if defective within the first 30 days.

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