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AOR AR2300(U) Black Box Receiver - Government
AOR AR2300(U) Black Box Receiver - Government

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Note: This product is non-returnable for credit

Product Code: 19-501512

The AR2300, a new "Black Box" professional grade receiver with exceptional performance, state of the art specifications and a menu of optional additions that allow the operator to configure the receiver for specific custom applications or control it via the internet.

The AR2300 is operated by a Windows XP or higher computer through a USB interface using a provided software package that controls all of the receiver's functions. The tuning range is from 40 KHz to 3.15 GHz and a U.S.A. "consumer" version will be available that has the required "blocked" cellular frequencies rendered unavailable. The radio receives AM, wide and narrow FM, upper and lower sideband and CW modes; an optional adapter can be added that allows reception of conventional, unencrypted APCO-P25 digital transmissions. Up to 2000 memory channels (50 channels X 40 banks) can be stored in the receiver, with data for each channel that includes frequency, alpha-numeric channel labels, mode, selected antenna, a "hit counter" and more.

Fast Fourier Transform algorithms provide a very fast and high level of signal processing, allowing the receiver to scan through large frequency segments quickly and accurately. Depending upon operator-selected configuration, up to three frequencies can be received simultaneously. Additional standard features include an adjustable analog 45 MHz IF output with 15 MHz bandwidth, an SD memory card port that can be used to store recorded audio, analog composite video output connector, CTCSS and DCS squelch operation, two selectable Type N antenna input ports , an internal speaker along with a headset and external speaker port, and the professional (government) version is equipped with a standard voice-inversion monitoring feature.

An optional external IP control unit enables the AR2300 to be fully controlled from a remote location and send received signals to the control point via the internet.

In addition to the available APCO-25 adapter, other optional equipment choices include an I/Q output port that allows the user to capture up to 1 MHz of bandwidth onto a computer hard drive or external storage device. Optional AR-IQ Windows software facilitates the easy storage and playback of transmissions captured within the selected spectrum in conventional modes, or, signals can be subjected to further analysis. An optional GPS board can be used for an accurate time base and for time stamping digital I/Q data.

The triple-conversion receiver exhibits excellent sensitivity across its tuning range. The unit is powered by 12 volts DC (AC Adapter included) and can be operated as a base or mobile unit.

The AR 2300 is an advancement in the new generation of software controlled or "black-box" receivers and is designed to give monitoring operators amazing flexibility in configuring the receiver to their individual needs and applications, often with just the click of a mouse.

Some of the software-driven operating selections include IF bandwidth, frequency, mode, filters, a screen-displayed graphical "S-meter," memory inputs, volume and squelch settings and more.

AOR anticipates the AR2300 will have strong appeal to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, the military, emergency managers, diplomatic service, news-gathering operations, and home monitoring enthusiasts.

AR2300 Catalog

AR2300 Brochure (1.76MB)

NOTE: Communications receivers and accessories from AOR and ICOM cannot be returned for credit, only exchange if defective within the first 30 days.

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