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Terrawave T09100Y11206T Yagi Base Antenna Laird PC806N Yagi Base Antenna Terrawave T09150Y11206T Yagi Base Antenna
TERRAWAVE 806-960 MHz 10 dBi Yagi Antenna. Comes with Articulating mount and 12" pigtail with N- Style Jack.

Product Code: 20-541560
6 element yagi. 9 dB directional gain. 1 piece construction, elements welded to boom. Feed system enclosed. Mounts with one or two u-bolts thru boom.

Product Code: 20-541587
TERRAWAVE 824-960 MHz 15 dBi Yagi Antenna. Comes with Articulating Mount & 12" Pigtail with N Jack.

Product Code: 20-541566
824-960, 13dBi, Terrawave Yagi Base Antenna Laird YS1503 Yagi Base Antenna 762-894 MHz 5dB Panorama Elevated Omni Antenna
The TerraWave directional yagi antenna operates in the 824 - 960 MHz frequency range. This yagi Includes an articulating mount and has a 12 inch pigtail with N-style Jack.

Product Code: 20-541820
140-174 MHz, 3 element silver series yagi, 7.1dB gain, N female connector, 42" long, 3 lbs., 2" diameter support pipe, u-bolts included. Fantastic VHF gain for a low price.

Product Code: 20-540929
762-894 MHz, fiberglass, omnidirectional, 5dB gain, N female connector, 19' tall (inlcuding mounting hardware), 2 lbs., mounting hardware included. Economical, sharp looking whip antenna with good gain.

Product Code: 20-541895
Laird Y8063 Yagi Base Antenna Maxrad MYA4506 Yagi Base Antenna Maxrad MYA1505K Yagi Antenna
806-896 MHz 3-element 6db Gain Beam Antenna, solid aluminum. 17" L x 7" H, 2 lbs., N-female, u-bold clamps included. Good for cleaning up noisy 800 MHz signals.

Product Code: 07-540704
6 element yagi. Solid elements have threaded mounting holes for positive lock to boom. 10.2 dB directional gain. Available in black finish.

Product Code: 20-541557
150-174 MHz, 5 element yagi, field tunable, 9.2dB gain, N-female connector, 6' long, 4 lbs., 100 mph wind rating, 2" diameter support pipe, u-bolds included. Fantastic VHF distance reception.

Product Code: 20-540930
Larsen YA5740W Yagi Base Antenna Indoor 762-894 MHz 5dB Gain Omni Antenna w/Desk Stand Maxrad MFB8967 Yagi Base Antenna
Larsen Yagi directional antennas are designed with strengthened aluminum alloys to assure long life and best performance for the most demanding applications.

Product Code: 20-541561
This indoor antenna comes with cables and stand, covering the following bands 762-894 MHz, omnidirectional, 5dB gain, N female connector, 19" tall, Economical, sharp looking whip antenna with good gain.

Product Code: 01-541900
The MFB 900 MHz omnidirectional antennas are base matched, half wave antenna encapsulated in a heavy duty fiberglass radome with a thick walled aluminum mounting base for reliable long term use. All models are DC grounded.

Product Code: 20-541563
Laird Y8066 Yagi Base Antenna Laird FG8246 Omni Base Antenna Maxrad BMOY Yagi Base Antenna
806-896 MHz, 6-element, 9db Gain Beam Antenna, gold-anodized, solid aluminum, 28" L x 7" H, 2 lbs, N-female, u-bolt to 1-5/8" pipe. Our best-selling 800 MHz beam antenna.

Product Code: 07-540705
824-896 MHz, fiberglass, omnidirectional, 6dB gain, end fed N female connector, 5' tall, 3 lbs., mounting hardware not included. Economical, sharp looking fiberglass stick with good gain.

Product Code: 20-540935
5 element 9dB black yagi. No tuning required. Seamless aluminum construction, 360 deg. welds, and a powder coated finish give superior durability. Mount hardware incl.

Product Code: 20-541555
Larsen FB113 Omni Base Antenna Laird Y4506 Yagi Base Antenna Laird FG1563 Fiberglass Base Antenna
Economically priced 5/8 wave over 1/2 wave base antenna. Field tunable. Omnidirectional.

Product Code: 20-541572
10.2 dB gain 6 element gold anodized yagi antenna. Solid elements are welded to boom for high durability.

Product Code: 20-541558
Economical fiberglass omnidirectional 3 dB gain. Gold anodized support pipe. Ideal for light duty applications.

Product Code: 20-541571
RFS 10108-1 Yagi Base Antenna Maxrad BMYD806O Base Antenna Laird FG4507 Fiberglass Base Antenna
9 element yagi. Director element enclosed in radome for protection from the environment. Also available a two stack version.

Product Code: 20-541562
elements and boom are manufactured from aircraft quality 6061-T6 aluminum for optimum strength. Antenna is anodized for corrosion resistance.

Product Code: 20-541565
Gold Fiberglass Base Station antennas are collinear designs enclosed in a high density fiberglass, which is covered with a protective ultraviolet inhibiting coating.

Product Code: 20-541570
Laird Y1505 Yagi Base Antenna Decibel DB436 Yagi Base Antenna Andrew Solutions DB224 Broadband Base Antenna
5 element yagi. 9.2 dB directional gain. Gold anodized for longer life, element mount holes are threaded to provide positive RF connection.

Product Code: 20-541559
6 element yagi. 10 dB directional gain. Heavy duty.

Product Code: 20-541556
Lightweight, 4 bay exposed dipole. Field adjustable 6 dB omni or 9 dB offset pattern. Can mount on side or top of tower.

Product Code: 20-541567
Andrew Solutions DB408 Dipole Base Antenna Andrew Solutions DB633 Fiberglass Base Antenna
4-bay, dual exposed dipole antenna. Field adjustable 6.6dB omni/7.8dB elliptical pattern. Extremely rugged.

Product Code: 20-541568
Omnidirectional, fiberglass antenna. Dual skirt dipole design. Uses new Horizon Blue fiberglass radome for minimum tip deflection in high winds. 3dB gain.

Product Code: 20-541569