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Police Call CDROM 6th Edition Racing Frequencies Online RadioReference 6 Month Subscription

Police Call CD-ROM 6.0. This CD covers all volumes (the entire country).

The book is NOT included and is out of print.

This is the 2005 Edition of the CD-ROM, the last edition made. It only works with earlier versions of Windows XP (will not work with SP3) and earlier versions of Windows as specified below. We are selling this last of the classic Police Call volumes in electronic form for a special low price. This should not be considered a primary resource for frequency information as a fair amount of the information is now out of date (see the RadioReference CD-ROM for an up-to-date resource), but this is an excellent backup resource with some fantastic data that is still relevant.

Product Code: 01-521041

Racing Frequencies Online

Receive access to printed frequency lists and data downloads (which may be downloaded directly into selected scanners) by the next business day after your order.

Product Code: 02-600680

Product Code: 42-601505
RadioReference 12 Month Subscription

Product Code: 42-601506