Police Scanner Gift Ideas

Need help with the perfect gift? A few suggestions below.
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New to scanning?
HomeTown Programming is built in to our Scanner Packages and is a great way to get a novice or even an advanced scanner user started with a new scanner. When you order a Uniden-Bearcat or GRE scanner with the HomeTown Programming option you receive the scanner programmed by Scanner Master's national frequency experts, ready-to-go right out of the box, programmed for the area you specify for the ultimate in hassle-free monitoring enjoyment. (Note: We will program the scanner for your city and county when you order Hometown Programming unless you specify by phone or in the Notes section of your online order that you would like a different area programmed for a relative or a friend.)
Unsure which scanner is right for your area or the area in which the scanner will be used?
Try our new companion website PoliceScanners.net to get your exact match or buy the HomePatrol listed below!

Groundbreaking new HomePatrol scanner makes a great gift!
The all new HomePatrol by Uniden is the first fully pre-programmed digital and analog scanner with full trunking capabilities. With a full color screen, amazing APCO-25 public safety digital audio clarity, an incredible receiver and best of all the entire U.S. and Canadian frequency databases from RadioReference.com built-in, this scanner is a sensation! All you need to do is enter your zip code and off you go! We do recommend our $29.95 set-up and optimize service which will update the database, update the firmware of the radio, and set the channels for your hometown (or the hometown of the person who will receiving the radio as a gift if you specify this) in a favorites list which we do recommend as a backup. We have a number of great optional accessories for the radio as well. Log on to our home page and look for the HomePatrol model.

If you don't require digital in your area (and please check policescanners.net or call us at 800-SCANNER if you're not sure), then you should consider the GRE PSR-700 which is a pre-programmed analog scanner. It is a easy-to-use and handy shirt-pocket-sized radio that just requires you to select the state/county/agency that you wish to monitor. It lacks many of the amazing features of the HomePatrol such as the GPS control, auto-find and more, but for a basic non-digital pre-programmed radio it's a fine choice.
Already have a scanner?
You can significantly increase the reception range of a scanner by connecting it to an outdoor antenna. Check out this low-cost antenna which comes with all the needed cables and connectors. The ST-2 Antenna Kit.

Shopping for a unique low-cost gift for an avid scanner fan?
Our new Scanner Desk Mounts are a great way to organize all those scanners and save on needed desk space.
Have a GRE Scanner and looking for Accessories?
We got all the latest GRE Accessories in stock now. Including custom leather cases for the portable scanners.
Not enough room in your car?
Got too many clunky scanners cluttering up your front seat? Uniden's Remote Head Kit is a great way to save room in your car. The Uniden BC-RH96 Remote Head lets you fully control your BCD996T and BCT-15 base/mobile scanners or the BCD396 and BR330T portable scanners, including volume and squelch. Keep just the head unit in your front seat area and the scanner goes in the trunk or under the seat.
Looking to upgrade to Digital?
Has your area gone digital and suddenly you can't hear anything? Now is the time to upgrade to digital, there are many great choices in both base and portable from GRE, Uniden and RadioShack.
Tired of hand keying frequencies?
Time to download some great programming software and make your programming a breeze.
Need spare parts?
We have lots of replacement accessories including AC Adapters, Batteries, Antennas, Mobile Power Cords, Speakers and more.
We have Gift Wrapping available or just a add a Gift Note for no charge.