Programming Additional Requests

We program the radios according to the databases that are available to us. We try to modify text tags at times (for alphanumeric scanners) but we cannot commit to doing this and we cannot customize text tags or bank layouts unless previously agreed to with the Scanner Master sales representative or programmer. Generally such modifications will require an extra charge. If you are unsatisfied with the programming layout or alpha display of any of the programming there will be a charge to modify it.

Customers can always tweak and customize, add to or delete from, the programming by downloading demo copies of our Butel ARC software or buying basic versions of the program for $39.95. We highly recommend this as a way to back up the work that was done and to see how the programming was laid out in the radio.

30-Day Warranty
If you have any problems or questions regarding the programming please contact Dan Mathews, our Frequency Data Manager, at with questions. Include your phone number and best time to call. If Dan cannot help you by e-mail or over the phone with a programming problem and it is required that you send the radio back we will arrange for that.

Note though that often times problems result from three common factors: A) The customer hasn’t read through the owner’s manual and does not know how to operate the radio; B) The customer has disabled/locked out a channel or system and does not know how to unlock it; C) The customer is not close enough to the source of the radio signal (or is just in a bad reception area) and cannot receive certain signals. (The third problem is generally solved by moving to a better reception area or using an outdoor antenna, but there are never any guarantees that this will solve the problem.)

If you have any difficulty operating the scanner you must review the manual and then contact the manufacturer. Uniden can be reached at 1-800-297-1023 and GRE at Scanner Master does not provide this service.

After 30 days any scanner re-programming work, fixes to locked-out banks, or any other modifications, changes, updates or fixes will cost $50 plus return postage. Any significant re-programming or major changes to the original programming will be charged at a rate to be determined by Scanner Master but will be no less than $50. Any additions to programming will be charged at our regular programming rates. At no time are programming fees refundable.