Meet the Scanner Master Staff!

Richard Barnett
Founder and President
Rich's love of radio communications and scanners began as a youngster when he first eyed the flashing LED of a Regency scanner in a friend home. Monitoring the local public safety agencies instilled in Rich a great respect for the jobs police and firefighters perform. Soon, Rich's first scanner would be the Bearcat III. On February 5th, 1978, the day the great "Blizzard of '78" began, Rich, a young teen, sold his first batch of Scanner Master frequency guides to You Do It Electronics in Needham, MA (where his books are still sold today). Later Rich expanded his line of books to cover the northeast and later the nation with Monitor America. In the mid 90's, Rich teamed with Gene Hughes of Police Call and became editor of that best-selling line of frequency guides. Rich co-holds numerous patents on scanners and other consumer-electronics technologies and he works closely with scanner manufacturers in scanner development. Rich also partners with Butel of Holland to develop high-end scanner software applications for news media and government and he spends time in Europe and Asia each year sourcing scanners and accessories for his customers. Rich has also joint-ventured with Lindsay Blanton of, the ultimate communications data resource. Scanner Master has become, over these past 30+ years, one of the largest scanner dealers in the world. Rich is proud of his team at Scanner Master and their strict focus on scanners, selling and supporting the product for state and local government, federal agencies, the military, news media, industrial accounts and of course radio hobbyists. Besides a continuing effort to support scanners and scanner customers in any way possible, Rich's latest project is the National Police Scanner Museum, currently under construction at the Scanner Master offices in Holliston. Stay tuned for more information.

Dave Jacome
Director of Operations / Shipping Manager
Dave joined the Scanner Master team in April 2009. He brought with him a wide variety of experience, including shipping, receiving, purchasing, inventory control, warehouse and operations management. Dave worked for over 20 years in the children's residential playground industry (both at Childlife Inc. and his own company), where he sold, delivered and installed several brands of playground equipment. Looking for a change, Dave found Scanner Master and is looking forward to working in the scanner industry. He enjoys taking care of his lawn and spending time with his wife Justine and son Jack. Dave hobbies include weekly fishing trips off the coast of Martha Vineyard, playing sports and anything related to the New England Patriots.

Rich Carlson
Scanner Expert | Sales Representative

June 12, 2015 - Scanner Master is extremely proud to announce that Rich Carlson, past-president of the Chicago Area Radio Monitors Association (CARMA) and one of the nation's leading scanner experts, is now part of our team. Rich recently retired as a Sergeant for the Winnetka, Illinois, Police Department and is now assisting Scanner Master customers in choosing the right scanner for their area, answering technical questions and helping us to develop new products and services. Rich is a highly respected member of the monitoring community who has decades of experience with all types of scanners and communications receivers, antennas, software and accessories. He has a great knowledge of the radio systems that we all monitor as he himself helped to institute and manage many in his time. We couldn't be more excited to have Rich on board.

Rich Carlson, N9JIG, has been a railfan since the late 1970's and a radio listener since the 1960's. He has written several scanner guides, including the Scanner Master Illinois Communications Guides. He was a Director of the Chicago Area Radio Monitoring Association, the largest scanner club in the USA and edits the renown CARMA Profiles. He has written several articles for Monitoring Times and other publications. He also owns the Illinois Highways Page at He has a collection of over 25 scanners and dozens of transceivers and specialized receivers. Professionally, he was a Sergeant with an Illinois police department, in was charge of 9-1-1, Communications and Records. He is happily married with a grown son.

Railroad Radio Monitoring
Rail scanning is fun, exciting and challenging all at the same time. Read this great article about railroad radio scanning by Rich Carlson.

Jonathan J Higgins
Scanner Expert | Digital Marketing Manager
Jonathan joined Scanner Master team in May 2008. He currently handles all of the digital marketing for the company from the website to the social media. He has grown the companyís social media spaces from the ground up mostly organically. He has helped build the Scanner Master brand to be the top Police Scanner company in the nation. He is know as one of the top police scanner experts in the industry.
 Jonathan is also the host and producer for the only live police scanner talk show "The Scanner Guys" on YouTube.

When Jonathan isnít working, you will find him track-side rail-fanning all over the east coast. He has taken his love for digital marketing into his hobby as blogger, photographer and video producer. You can follow Jonathanís rail-fanning adventures at

Greg Jolly
Programming Manager
Greg has been an Attleboro,MA firefighter since 1991. He also serves as a part time civilian dispatcher with the North Attleboro Fire Department for the last 8 years. In his role as an Attleboro firefighter Greg has been closely involved with the departments radio systems and dispatcher training. In his free time he is a long time scanner and fire buff. Greg is a member of the Providence Citywide Fire Network , currently serving as Vice President of Administration. Greg lives in Attleboro MA with his wife Kathleen, their two children Kacey and Kellen and their Cairn terrier Fenway. He other interests include youth sports, golf and summers on Cape Cod.

Monique B.
Accounting Coordinator

With over thirteen years experience in accounting Monique enjoys rolling up her sleeves and working to solve the everyday business problems. Prior to joining Scanner Master Corp, Monique held various diverse positions including: Controller at a manufacturing service company in Fall River, MA as well as working many years in the high tech industry at several well-known software companies. Monique is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Newbury College with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.
Scanner Industry Vendors and Partners:
Paul Opitz, Uniden
Raj Gounder, GRE
Taka Nakayama, AOR
Mark Francis, Waters & Stanton
Peter Dudera, DD Amtek
Jim Finch, SSE
Scott Haligan, Scan New England

Lindsay Blanton

Lindsay is the president and owner of LLC, the worlds largest radio communications data provider for radio communications enthusiasts and professionals. In 1998, Lindsay founded by by recognizing the need for a dynamic, collaborative solution for collecting and disseminating radio communications data for public safety and hobbyist users. He has since grown the community to over 1,000,000 members, resulting in the RadioReference becoming the definitive source for radio communications data worldwide. Lindsay responsibilities include managing a team of 80 administrators located globally, the development and implementation of the site platform, business development activities with third-party partners and suppliers, and day-to-day financial and business management.
Gommert Buysen
Gommert (callsign PE1MTG) has been listening to scanners since he was 14 years old. He has a bachelors degree in Electronics, during his university study he worked part time in a scanner shop in The Netherlands responsible for sales and repair of scanners and ham radio equipment. After his study Gommert worked approximately 10 years in the scientific industry as a technical field expert and technical trainer. Gommert has been developing software for scanners since the early nineties and started his career with the famous ARC8000 software for the legendary AOR AR8000 receiver. In 1999 this became an official business developing software for scanners both for hobby and professional users. In 2003 Scanner Master became the master distributor of BuTel software products in the US and Canada. Since 2004 Gommert has worked full time developing software for all popular radio scanners for the US and European market. Recently he completed a new range of software products for RadioShack and GRE scanners and the new professional software line called 'ScannerStation'.
Ginger Snow is now an E-Commerce Consultant for Scanner Master. Her role includes work on the company website including DataFeed Management, Online Marketing and Volusion E-Commerce Administration. Ginger graduated from UMass Lowell with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts with a in Concentration in Graphic Design, also minoring in Art History and discovering an early interest in the Internet. Joining Scanner Master in 2003 Ginger now has over 22 years experience in Web Development and Administration. Her varied background also includes Operations Management, Accounting, Print Design, Photography, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, E-Commerce Administration, DataFeed Management, and Professional Organizing. A New Hampshire native Ginger Snow is an avid athlete in her free time participating in many various activities including hiking, golf, basketball and Women's Professional Full Contact Football for the Boston Militia (retired).
John Niewiecki II
RangeCast Sales
John passion for technology and electronics brought him to Scanner Master in 2010 as the Director of Sales and Marketing. Since John early days of selling electronics on the floor of Circuit City 20 years ago, he has been working to market and sell technology products in both B2B and B2C capacity. John experience in international sourcing, telecommunications, consumer electronics, and information systems means Scanner Master will continue to provide new and exciting advancements in police scanner products.

John plans to reinforce and enhance effective, high value, and low cost information systems through police scanner technology. Scanner Master exclusive and innovative products and software pose a perfect opportunity to create unique and innovative solutions that customers need. Contact John today and let him show you how Scanner Master can enhance your life and elevate your business opportunities.
Peter Dudera
DD Amtek