Listening Online Versus Owning Your Own Police Scanner

Own Your Own Scanner and Hear Exactly What You Want to Hear!

The Live Audio site is fantastic but did you know that many of the communications that you may want to monitor are not available? While RadioReference has three thousand feeds, they only represent a fraction of the actual radio traffic that is out there.

RadioReference does not allow for feeds of police tactical, detective, vice, arson squad, SWAT and other fascinating channels. They also don't stream dedicated EMS channels, most Public Works Departments, utilities and much more. RadioReference, for the most part, streams public safety dispatch, aviation, railroad, marine and Ham Radio only.

This means that if you don't have your own police scanner you're missing out on loads of incredibly exciting and interesting local police, fire, EMS, DPW, business communications and more.

Buy your own scanner today -a desktop model for your house or a portable model you can carry around with you- and become part of the fascinating radio hobby, and start listening to what you want to listen to, right away!

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