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Scanner Master is the nation's leading developer of radio communications guides and custom scanner hardware and software solutions. We specialize in developing monitoring technologies for the scanner industry.

The Nation's Oldest and Largest Scanner Only Dealer.

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New Scanner Master Pocket Guide
The all-new Scanner Master Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Southern New Hampshire Communications Guide 11th Edition is now available! The amount of data for each state has increased dramatically. There are literally thousands of new listings, critical police and fire frequency changes, hundreds of sub-audible tone/PL updates, new channel usage data, and much more. This edition probably contains more updates, corrections and new material than any previous edition as the communications landscape has drastically changed in the region -- so many departments, including entire counties, have transformed their radio systems. The book for just these two and a half states is 318 pages long, yet the book still fits handily in a shirt, coat or pants pocket. This is the indispensable bible of southern New England communications (excluding Connecticut this time) used by State and local police, fire and the news media. This book makes for a great gift!

PRO-164 Portable Trunking Scanner on Sale
The RadioShack(tm) PRO-164 Portable Trunking Scanner is now only $159.95! - $60 off its regular retail price! Looking for a great trunking portable at an incredible price? The PRO-164 is it and it's now on sale for a limited time. This scanner will make a great gift for anyone looking for a full-featured non-digital trunking portable. The radio tracks can be programmed with up to 1000 channels, tracks Motorola, EDACS(tm) and LTR trunked systems, has Signal Stalker II for finding nearby channels without knowing the frequency, a signal strength meter, has independent volume and squelch controls, PL/DPL operation, an alpha-display and is PC programmable. Our ARC300 software is available to help you more easily program the scanner or you take advantage of our programming services as well.

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