The New Uniden BCT15X
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Uniden BCT15X Base Scanner
Uniden had a solid hit on its hands with the very popular BCT15, and now they've just upped the ante with the release of the new BCT15X. The "X" model is a significant upgrade over an already very successful product. Uniden has added more memory, channel tagging (for easier channel access), more Close Call features, updated trunking, fire tone-out search, advanced GPS scanning and more. The BearTracker retains its unique pre-programmed (non-digital) state-by-state scanning and alerts. You get all this and more for the same price of the old BCT15. Another solid home run from Uniden!

Get your BCT15X today with optional Hometown Programming and discounted accessories.

Features (new features in bold)

  • TrunkTracker III
  • BearTracker warning system
  • Location-Based scanning automatically selects programmed systems based on your location when connected to a compatible GPS receiver.
  • Temporary lockout automatically unlocks channels when you cycle power.
  • Startup Configurations let you automatically lock out or unlock systems on power up to quickly configure the scanner for a different area or application.
  • Alert Plus mode -- silences the scanner except for channels that have assigned alerts.
  • Channel Number Tagging -- lets you quickly select a channel.
  • State-by-State Preprogrammed Channels - let you easily keep up with activity on local police, Department of Transportation, and Highway Patrol frequencies when you travel, without having to program any channels.
  • Close Call, with Close Call Do Not Disturb, Close Call Priority (or Primary), and Close Call Temporary Store.
  • Fire Tone Out Alert
  • Fire Tone-Out Search -- determines the tones received for easy tone-out programming.
  • Motorola Control Channel Only trunking
  • DCS/CTCSS Rapid Decode
  • Channel Volume Offset
  • Band Scope
  • Search with Scan
  • Frequency/ID AutoStore - automatically store frequencies from a service or limit search into a conventional system or store talk group IDs into a trunked system
  • 16 character text tagging for each system, site, group, channel, talkgroup, search range, GPS location, tone-out, and SAME group
  • Compatible with BC-RH96 Remote Head
  • Quick Search
  • Service Search - lets you select from Public Safety, News, HAM Radio, Marine, Railroad, Air, Citizens Band Radio, FRS/GMRS, Racing, FM Broadcast, Military Air, and Special (Itinerant)
  • Custom Search - lets you program up to 10 search ranges
  • 500 (250 Temporary + 250 Permanent) Search Lockouts
  • SAME Weather Alert
  • Weather Priority Priority Scan with Priority Plus
  • Priority ID on trunked systems
  • PreemptivePriority on Motorola analog systems
  • Signal Strength display
  • Trunking Activity Indicators
  • Adjustable scan delay
  • Negative Channel Dropout Delay (Forced Resume)

Frequency Coverage

  • 25.0000 - 512.0000 MHz
  • 758.0000 - 823.9875 MHz
  • 849.0125 - 868.9875 MHz
  • 894.0125 - 960.0000 MHz
  • 1240.0000 - 1300.0000 MHz

ARCXT Programming and Control Software is now available for this and all the newest Uniden scanners.

Hometown Programming and accessory packages for the BCT15X are now available, including GPS receivers for scanners.

Do you need Digital?
The BearTracker BCT15X is an analog trunking scanner. It's a great base and/or mobile scanner for many areas of the country. However, there are many areas which require a more advanced and expensive digital scanner, such as the Bearcat BCD996XT. The 996XT can do everything the BCT15 does (although it does not have the state-by-state pre-programming and alerts) plus it can decode APCO-25 digital, the national standard for public safety digital. To learn more about which scanner is right for your area visit our sister site Visit for more information on the BCD996XT.

Did You Know?
By Jonathan Higgins - The Scanner Expert

Looking to hook up more than two scanners to one antenna? Check out the 4 and 8 port multicoupler.

4 Port Multicoupler
8 Port Multicoupler

There very simple to hook-up. First, connect the roof top antenna into the “Antenna Input” BNC jack, then connect your scanners to the “Receiver Output” BNC jacks via a coax jumper. We stock both 3’ and 6’ BNC to BNC RG58 Jumpers.

RG58 Jumper Cable 3’, BNC Male to BNC Male
RG58 Jumper Cable 3’, BNC Male to BNC Male

The last step; simply power up the multicoupler with the ac adapter included in the box and you’re ready to go.
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