-Free Updated BuTel ARC Software-
-Important News about Web Interface-

RadioReference will soon require the Free Update of your BuTel ARC Software Now Available

For those of you who have already purchased the Butel ARC Software you can now download at your convenience a major software upgrade which is designed to work seamlessly with the new RadioReference.com web service. The current web service will soon cease operation and thus to continue downloading from RadioReference.com into Butel Software -for those of you who have a RadioReference.com subscription- you will need this free software update.

Butel ARC Software for Uniden, GRE & RadioShack Scanners
For those of you who haven't tried the powerful and easy-to-use Butel software, now is a great time to do so! The software now contains the newly updated RadioReference.com web service interface for easy downloading of frequencies and trunking systems directly into the software for those with a RadioReference.com subscription. The software is available in different versions for just about every Uniden-Bearcat, GRE, RadioShack and AOR scanner ever made that contains a PC serial interface port. Program your scanner and also, for higher-end models, control your scanner, from the ARC program.

Scanning with software has never been more easy or more fun. Try our free demo download today or order your copy via instant download now. Just pick the model scanner you have, insure that you have a PC to scanner interface cable (or order one from us), and you're ready to go. Software is available for PC/Windows systems only. Prices range typically from $29.95 for Program only software to $69.95 for Program and Control with WAV file recording and activity logging (number of times a channel is active, time of day, frequency/PL/Talkgroup ID used, etc.) (Note that you can purchase a CD-ROM version of the software now but you will have to download an update of the software from our site as well as the currently stocked CDs do not include software to work with the new RadioReference web service.)

Did You Know?
We are seeing a lot of public safety agencies leaving their VHF and UHF systems for 800MHz trunking. I have found that it's more difficult to pick up these systems with a handheld scanner and the stock rubber-duck antenna because I'm always on the move and the signal will degrade at times when you're on-the-go. A simple fix to improving this reception problem is the 800 MHz 2.5dB Gain Professional Antenna. This rubber duck-like antenna is 9 inches in height and comes with BNC or SMA connections (BNC for older Unidens and for GRE/RadioShack and SMA for newer Unidens such as the BC346XT, BCD396T and XT and BR330). After testing this antenna I discovered a dramatic difference on 800MHz reception. Please keep in mind that this antenna is tuned to 800MHz, so it will not improve reception other bands. I found that the other bands received just as they did with the stock antenna, but you may find in your area that certain non-800MHz channels will degrade in reception. Still, if you monitor mostly 700/800, this is a great way to go.

800 MHz 2.5dB Gain Professional Antenna with SMA
800 MHz 2.5dB Gain Professional Antenna with BNC
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