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Just announced, our first one day IN STORE ONLY B-Stock BLOWOUT.

Thursday June 11th 8:30am-7:00pm at our Natick, MA office.

The boss is out of town and we are making deals!

It's widely known that we only sell new scanners, but for one day we are opening up our Natick, MA store to blowout all models we do not sell as new (B-Stock). Most are like new with packaging torn or returns with some other minor imperfection that does not meet our strict "new" criteria. All scanners are tested and functioning perfectly.

Some of the models available include BCD996T, BCD396T, BC246T, BC898T, BC340CRS, GRE-100, GRE-500 and MANY more. Also availble, tons of accessories for all models!
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Did you know?
By Jonathan Higgins - The Scanner Expert

Are you looking for an inexpensive option to run two scanners sharing the same antenna? Multi-couplers can be pretty costly. Why not try a cheaper solution?. With the SP-1300 Combiner/splitter and jumper coax cable (sold separately) you can hook up two scanners to one antenna with minimal to no signal loss.

This is a simple hook up:

Step One – Run your antenna coax cable to “Input’ on the SP-1300
Step Two – Connect “Output A” to Scanner One via BNC
Step Three – Connect “Output B” to Scanner Two via jumper cable (sold separately)
[Click here to see photo of set-up]

After testing the SP-1300 for over a month now, it works like charm, with no signal lost.

SP-1300 Combiner/Splitter
RG58 Jumper Cable, 3', BNC Male to BNC Male
RG58 Jumper Cable, 6', BNC Male to BNC Male
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