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01-590669   Uniden Bearcat BP180 NiCad Battery Pack
01-501012   Uniden Bearcat BR330T Police Scanner
01-530757   Uniden Bearcat Cigarette Lighter Charger Coiled Cord (BC60/80/235/245/BCT10/12)
01-530665   Uniden Bearcat Cigarette Lighter Charger Straight Cord (BC60/80/235/245/BCT10/12)
01-531047   Uniden Bearcat Cigarette Lighter Charger Straight Cord (BC72/92/95/246/346xt/396t/396xt/230/330)
01-531304   Uniden Bearcat Cigarette Lighter Charger Straight Cord (BC780/785/796/898/996/8/15)
10-531642   Uniden Bearcat DC Adapter for HomePatrol-1 (For the HomePatrol-1 ONLY)
10-731909   Uniden Bearcat GPS Adapter Cable for the BCD325P2
10-731701   Uniden Bearcat GPS Receiver for 996P2/996XT/15X/396XT/346XT/HomePatrol -1 and 2
10-731702   Uniden Bearcat GPS Replacement Cable
01-530831   Uniden Bearcat Mobile Mounting Bracket
01-530668   Uniden Bearcat Power Cord (no cigarette adapter)
10-531504   Uniden Bearcat Power Cord (with lighting control)
10-531841   Uniden Bearcat SMA to BNC Adapter
10-551896   Uniden Bearcat WiFi Dongle (BCD536HP)
10-501530   Uniden HomePatrol Scanner
10-501885   Uniden HomePatrol-2 Scanner
10-531870   Uniden MOOV™ Series Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
01-590761   Uniden PowerPack-780 Batteries
01-500884   Uniden SportCat SC230 Police Scanner
10-551644   Uniden USB Programming Cable (BC75XLT/125AT/325P2/BCD436/536HP/996P2/HP-1/HP-2)
01-551038   Uniden USB-1 Programming Cable (BC246/396/330/230/95/996/15/XT)
15-530730   Universal Portable Radio Cradle
01-551528   USB 2.0 A-Male to A-Female Extension Cable
01-771531   USB 6 Channel External Sound Adapter
01-551831   USB-1 with DB-9 Connector (BC996/15)
20-531709   V Bolt Clamp
20-541794   VHF150-162 Professional Portable BNC Antenna
28-541172   W-801 Regular Gainer BNC Portable Antenna
28-541173   W-881 BNC Portable Antenna
28-541187   W-889 Tele Gainer BNC Portable Antenna
28-541174   W-901 Airband Portable Antenna
28-531165   WAF-125 Tunable Notch Filter
20-531577   Wall Mount with 4" Clearance
20-531578   Wall Mount with 8" Clearance
47-511714   Wallet-sized Quick Reference for Uniden BCD325P2 & BC346XT & BCD396XT
47-511880   Wallet-sized Quick Reference for Uniden BCD436HP
47-511886   Wallet-sized Quick Reference for Uniden BCD536HP
47-511732   Wallet-sized Quick Reference for Uniden BCD996P2 & BCD996XT
47-511731   Wallet-sized Quick Reference for Uniden BCT15X
28-541171   WAN-97A Active Nomad Base Antenna
01-520864   Wave File Recording Software - Scanner Over IP - BC785/BC796
13-540457   WBV-60 Wideband Base Antenna
55-501873   Whistler WS1010 Analog Handheld Police Scanner
55-501874   Whistler WS1025 Analog Desktop Police Scanner
55-501875   Whistler WS1040 Digital Handheld Police Scanner
55-501876   Whistler WS1065 Digital Base/Mobile Police Scanner
55-501879   Whistler WS1080 Digital Handheld EZ Police Scanner
55-501899   Whistler WS1095 Digital Base/Mobile EZ Police Scanner
10-531681   Windshield Mounting Kit for HomePatrol
25-541079   WPN-97 Nomad Base Antenna
28-531166   WRP-125 Pre-Amplifier for VHF Airband Receivers
28-531167   WRP-1300 Pre-Amplifier for Wideband Scanners
28-531168   WRP-2500 Pre-Amplifier for Wideband Scanners
28-581169   WSC-1 Body Holster (all portable scanners)
28-541170   WSM-225 Airband Magnetic Whip Mobile Antenna
28-541178   WSMA-801 Regular Gainer SMA Portable Antenna
28-541179   WSMA-881 SMA Portable Antenna
28-541188   WSMA-889 Tele Gainer SMA Portable Antenna

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