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Mediocre antenna November 15, 2012
Reviewer: P M from CA  
-Small magnet sticks good
-Small profile and flexible if you hit trees

-Connection inside base of antenna where coax cable is split into center pin/sheild is not well made
-Flexibility creates fluttering signal reception noticable in audio if signal isn't local

If you feel the antenna isn't working well, it might not be the design; the connections inside may have gotten twisted/loose/torn/etc.  Mine became weak at first but continued to function, then gradually got worse until antenna did not work at all and had to throw it away.  This antenna is not good for installing/removing from a vehicle as this is what causes the broken connections.  Defeats the purpose of having a mag mount.  By the way, I take VERY good care of my belongings.

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Great Antenna October 30, 2012
Reviewer: Emanuel Gerakios from Cullowhee, NC United States  
Bought this antenna a few months ago my scanner is picking up frequencies 50 miles from home,well worth the price!

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Great for the price. September 25, 2012
Reviewer: Chris from Clifton, NJ United States  
I'm sure this antenna is bested by many others, but for the price, this antenna is great.  It seems as if frequencies I've listened to while on-the-go with just a rubber ducky have improved a couple of notches...nothing too extravagant, but hey, the antenna is $20.  

The antenna length, in my opinion, is a few feet too short.  12' didn't cut it for the install in my VW Jetta.  Routing all the wires from the trunk to the front of the car while hiding/tucking the wires came short at the front passenger seat.  Also, the wire is a RG178, which is a thin coaxial wire that is hard to find in local stores.  Ordered extra wire from another website.    

The magnet is very misleading.  It looks tiny and weak, but on the contrary...the antenna sticks strongly to my car, tested at 65+MPH.

Other than that, the antenna is great.

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This antenna is small but pulls in TONS of signal September 18, 2012
Reviewer: Derick Gray from Greenville, NC United States  
This antenna is not as large as most of the others out there on the market... but it really does the job for me listening with it on the road.. I have a Home Patrol and it does great!! I would really recommend this one! I know it pulls in for over 20 miles!

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Nice little antenna June 25, 2012
Reviewer: Keith from Richmond, VA  
This a great little antenna. It survived Hurricane Irene in Virginia last year, completely intact, while attached to the truck lid of Toyota Corolla. Overall durability excellent.  Great reception for the dollar.  It does better than the rubber duckie antenna that it replaced for my hand held scanner that I use in the car in a semi-permanent installation.  I would recommend this antenna for any mobile application that is budget oriented and needs to increase their listening range by 20-30 miles or so.

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Great Product March 5, 2012
Reviewer: Oscar from CT United States  
I ordered this last week and it was here within 5 days. It is great for the price. The little magnet may seem weak but is VERY VERY strong, holds up at high speeds great. Have it hooked up to my Bearcat BC355C and it works great. As a volunteer firefighter it is annoying when your scanner cuts in and out when trying to listen but with this antenna it hasn't happened, even at 30+ miles away from town. Will recommend to others.

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Great antenna for the price! March 26, 2011
Reviewer: Karen Coffee from Chapel Hill, NC United States  
-Reception is very good (especially for the size).  Everything from 2M band to 900MHz Motorola systems come in fine.  I listen to many 30+ miles away.

-Magnet is quite strong, actually kind of hard to get back off of roof!  (Good thing!)

-Coax cable length is good, closing the door on it works fine.

-BNC connection is secure, not wobbly.

-Don't go cranking down the screw on the antenna, I can see some people trying to tighten too much.

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Great little antenna March 19, 2011
Reviewer: KF7YN from West Jordan, UT United States  
I've had this antenna on my truck for 15 months and never a problem.

I travel a lot in the wide open spaces of Utah where the speed limit is 75 & 80 MPH, the tiny magnet holds firm. This little guy works great on VHF Hi, UHF and 800 MHz.

I just ordered another for my car.

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Great little product December 3, 2010
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
In my humble Opinion:

This product is a definitive improvement over any antenna you can have inside your vehicle.

Small size and mag mount make it easy to install and transfer between vehicles and even apartment window sills :)
It is also very low profile which is a pro in certain applications.

I would not use this for a permanent installation, it is a bit flimsy and reception is not that great.

Considering the price this is a perfect product for part time enthusiasts look to improve all round reception.

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Great all around antenna December 2, 2010
Reviewer: Brett Davis from San Lorenzo, CA United States  
Bought this antenna back in August of 2010. The first 2 months of using it was excellent. I have transferred it from different cars about 50+ times, and have been up to 75MPH with the antenna perfectly attached, and received excellent reception. I was able to pull in CHP, and some Public Safety FREQs that were 40+ miles away, which is excellent. My problem appeared a mere 2 months after using this constantly. I noticed that I wasn't picking up as much as I used to. Upon further investigation, I noticed the coaxial cable failed is what caused the problem. It seems that inside the mag mount, where it connects to the antenna has somehow because loose/cut/pulled or who knows what, and was shorting the coaxial.

I just ordered a new replacement, and this time I am going to re-construct the area where the cable exits the mag-mount, and reinforce it so that cable can not be pulled, and maybe a little extra care around that area is all it needs, and this is a perfectly performing antenna.

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