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Multi-RX Receive Console
Multi-RX Receive Console

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The new NCS Multi-RX brings a new dimension to receive audio control and monitoring. With the Multi-RX you can choose which radios to monitor, where the audio will appear in the audio field (with two modes of operation to choose from), and it allows you to record any or all audio, utilizing Manual or VOX recorder activation. "Record Select" LEDs indicate which radio(s) are selected for recording. With the Multi-RX you can use headphones (or headset) or speakers or both simultaneously. "Busy" indicators for each radio are provided making it easy to identify which radio is active. Packed with functionality and flexibility!

Monitor up to 6 radios simultaneously with the Multi-RX Switcher. Any or all of the six radios are selected with the Left and/or Right Channel pushbuttons in the “NORMAL” mode. In the “SPATIAL” mode radios are pre-assigned positions in the audio field and can be selected with the pushbuttons on the front panel.

Click for larger image Two Monitoring Modes. In the “NORMAL” mode, send any radios to the Left, Right or Both speakers. When Both speakers are selected, the audio appears in the Center of the audio field with the volume boosted by 3dB so the sound from the selected radio(s) stands out. A Master Volume control is provided along with a Balance Control to place you in the center of the audio field for maximum effect. The "SPATIAL" mode on the other hand establishes up to six “virtual” speakers resulting in each of the radios appearing in a different pre-determined position in the audio field. Pressing the Center pushbutton for a specific radio(s) brings that radio(s) to the center of the audio field. De-selecting the Center pushbutton for any radio(s) returns that radio(s) to its pre-determined position in the audio field. The diagrams below best illustrates the operation of the two modes. Click on either diagram for a larger image. .

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Memory Backup for Switch Positions. Non-volatile memory is provided for the Right and Left Channel pushbutton switches so that when the unit is powered down and powered back up the most recent pushbutton switch configuration is remembered eliminating the need to set your switch selection each time the unit is turned on.

Includes Separate, Powerful Audio Amplifier for Each Channel. These amplifiers supply more than ample audio to drive speakers, headphones or both. The low distortion of the amplifiers faithfully reproduces the audio output of your receivers.

Use Speakers, Headphones or Both. The headphone jack is always active. With headphones plugged in and the Speaker ON/OFF switch in the “OFF” position, audio is delivered only to headphones. For situations where you want someone else in the shack to hear what you are monitoring simply push the Speaker ON/OFF switch to “ON” to engage the speakers.

A Mute All Button is Provided for Silencing All Audio. When all audio is muted, a blinking LED reminds you that the "Mute All" button is engaged. To mute any specific radio simply de-select the appropriate pushbutton.

Recording Your QSOs or Other Radio Traffic has Never Been Easier. A line level audio output is provided for connecting to your tape (or digital) recorder. No need to worry about recording levels. A relay closure is provided through the back panel subminiature phone jack to control your recorder. Two modes of activation are available. "Manual" operation turns the recorder on continuously and records any audio from Record-Selected radios. With VOX operation the recorder only activates when audio is present on the Record-Selected radios. A Record LED is provided to indicate when the recorder is activated.

The Mute-on-Transmit Function is Unique. This function allows you to mute all radios except the one being used for transmit. This enables you to monitor your audio or sidetone as well as record both sides of your QSO if the recorder function is activated.

Works with the NCS-3240 Multi-Switcher. The Multi-RX can be interfaced with the Multi-Switcher for added operating convenience or it can be used separately. When connected to the Multi-Switcher the output of the Multi-RX is fed in parallel to each of the radio speaker inputs on the Multi-Switcher. See the NCS-3230 Tech Notes below for more detail.

Plug and Play. The Multi-RX requires only that you provide 12VDC power and adjust the radio audio outputs to your satisfaction. Simple to install! Simple to use!

A “Must Have” Accessory for Your Shack. Whether your operating preference is DXing, contesting, emergency communications or casual operating, the Multi-RX will give you unprecedented control, flexibility and listening pleasure.

Increase your operating enjoyment today !!!

Typical Application

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Technical Notes
1 - Multi-Switcher-Multi-Rx Interface (pdf) This document shows how to connect the NCS-3240 Multi-Switcher and the NCS-3230 Multi-Rx together for the ultimate in operating convenience. Cable part numbers shown are available from NCS.
2 - Multi-Rx External Audio Processing (pdf) This document shows how to connect external audio processing equipment such as equalizers to the NCS-3230 Multi-Rx.
3 - Connecting Radios with Bridge Tied Load (pdf) This document shows how to connect radios that use Bridge Tied Load (BTL) Speaker Outputs to NCS equipment.

NCS-3230 Multi-RX Switcher Functional Block Diagrams

Normal Audio Mode Functional Block Diagram

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Spatial Audio Mode Functional Block Diagram
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