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25G Multi-Mount Standoff 30" H Non-Penetrating Roof Mount 45G Multi-Mount Standoff
25G Multi-Mount Standoff
Our Price: $160.00
45G Multi-Mount Standoff
Our Price: $160.00

Product Code: 20-531677
Mast is 1-1/2" O.D. and 30" in height. 36" Square.

Product Code: 20-531583

Product Code: 20-531678
60" H Non-Penetrating Roof Mount Adjustable Yagi Mount Kit Nello Antenna Mounting Pipe
Adjustable Yagi Mount Kit
Our Price: $70.95
Antenna Mounting Pipe
Our Price: $24.95

Product Code: 20-531679
Adjustable yagi mounting kit. Clamps to a vertical mast from 7/8" to 2" OD.

Product Code: 20-531581
1 1/4" OD x 60" Pre-Galvanized 18 Gauge Pipe. Swaged at one end.

Product Code: 20-531579
ATI EMP Surge Protector with F Male/Female Connectors Cantilever Wall Mount Kit with 60" mounting pipe Complete Heavy Duty Cantilever Wall Mount Kit
ATI EMP Surge Protector with F Male/Female Connectors
List Price: $19.95
Our Price: $9.95
You Save: $10.00
ATI EMP Surge Protector with F Male/Female Connectors

Product Code: 20-531585
Cantilever Wall Mount Kit with 60" mounting pipe

Product Code: 20-531574
Complete Heavy Duty Cantilever Wall Mount Kit (slider brackets) that includes 2 brackets, u-bolts and hardware for hollow and solid wall installation.

Product Code: 20-531575
Ground Kit for LMR-400 Heavy Duty Galvanized 3' Tripod Hollow Wall Mount Hardware
Ground Kit for LMR-400
Our Price: $29.95
Grounding kit to ensure the proper grounding of your wireless systems.

Product Code: 20-531585
Heavy Duty 3' Galvanized Antenna Tripod

Product Code: 34-531605
Hollow Wall Mounting Hardware for Slider Brackets.

Product Code: 20-531576
Light Duty 3' Tripod Lightning Suppressor Nello Mat Kit
Light Duty 3' Tripod
Our Price: $69.95
Lightning Suppressor
Our Price: $29.95
Mat Kit
Our Price: $20.95
3' Light Duty Tripod. Will accept mast up to 1.75" O.D.

Product Code: 20-531582
0-6 GHz Lightning Protector with N Plug to N Bulkhead Jack Connectors. Includes L Shaped Mounting Bracket.

Product Code: 20-531584

Product Code: 20-531680
N Male Clamp for LMR-400 Outdoor Antenna Rotator Prep Tool for LMR400 Cable
N Male Clamp for LMR-400
Our Price: $19.95
Outdoor Antenna Rotator
Our Price: $79.95
Prep Tool for LMR400 Cable
Our Price: $102.95
N Male Clamp for LMR-400.

Product Code: 20-531586
TV/FM Outdoor Antenna Rotator

Product Code: 34-531607
All-In-One Combination Prep Tool for prep of LMR400 cables for crimp or clamp connectors.

Product Code: 20-531711
Quikmount II Water Ballasted Roof Mount U Bolt Clamp U-Bolt Assembly
U Bolt Clamp
Our Price: $9.95
U-Bolt Assembly
Our Price: $3.95
Single tank, water ballasted mount with 1 1/4" OD x 8' long mast.

Product Code: 20-531708
For mounting a 1-5/16" outer diameter antenna to a 1-1/4" maximum outer diameter mast .

Product Code: 20-531710
U-Bolt for 2-3/8" pipe. 3/8" x 2-1/2" x 4"

Product Code: 20-531580
V Bolt Clamp Wall Mount with 4" Clearance Wall Mount with 8" Clearance
V Bolt Clamp
Our Price: $14.95
Single V Bolt for 1-1/4" to 1 5/8" round members.

Product Code: 20-531709
4" clearance wall mount for up to 2" OD mast

Product Code: 20-531577
8" clearance wall mount for 1-3/4" OD

Product Code: 20-531578