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Why Buy from Scanner Master and not some Faceless Online Mega-Store

Why Buy from Scanner Master and not some Faceless Online Mega-Store

Most of the products one buys today are generic in that they'll work the same anywhere that you use them. But with a scanner things are very different. You see practically each and every county, city, agency and the country have their own unique radio system and/or radio frequency. Some cities and counties actually use encrypted radio systems that cannot be monitored at all, including Orlando and more. Other cities use complex radio systems that must be programmed in very specific way into your scanner to work. Scanners are very complex. There's a big learning curve to understand how to program the scanner and then to program it for your specific area with the right frequencies and more. If you owned a scanner years ago it was very easy back then. You bought a crystal or punched a number into the radio and it would work. But nowadays both the public safety radio systems, and the scanner themselves, have been very complicated.

Scanner Master solves all these problems by helping you choose the scanner that's right for you. If a scanner won't work in your area, we let you know before you buy. We tell you about the new pre-programmed models which are easier to use in some ways, but in other ways they're equally complex. We update the scanner firmware and databases for you as well as offer full programming services.

You can talk with the experts at Scanner Master by phone, e-mail or chat. You can't do that with the other guys, even the few mass-market stores that carry scanners will rarely have anyone on staff who understands scanners. Whether you're buying a scanner for yourself or as a gift for a loved one or friend, let Scanner Master help you choose the right scanner, update it, program it and have it ready to use and enjoy right out of the box.