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3. Remote Programming, Firmware Updating, Troubleshooting & Training

Have us program your scanner for you over the phone by remotely controlling your PC.
Scanner Master now offers a remote programming service to solve your scanner programming and operational issues. This service allows you to have your scanner programing and problems solved without having to send the scanner in to us.

How remote programming works:

Step 1
Getting your computer ready for remote programming:
  • You need the proper BuTel ARC Software installed on your computer. (If you require basic programming then purchase ARC Basic software for your scanner or if you believe you will also require troubleshooting assistance then purchase ARC Pro.)
  • You must have a Radio Reference Paid Subscription
  • You need to have communication set up between your PC & scanner via USB or serial cable. If you need a USB cable or the software driver for the cable please visit this page:
    GRE/RadioShack USB Cable
    Uniden USB Cable
If you are unsure about the software, RadioReference subscription or the programming cable please call Scanner Master for assistance at 1-800-SCANNER.

Step 2
Making an Appointment:
  • Schedule an appointment for remote programming by calling us at 1-800-SCANNER [then press 2 for "sales"] to speak to a representative.
Step 3
During your session:
  • The programmer will call you at the scheduled time.
  • Please shut down all programs and have a "clean desktop"
  • Using Internet Explore Log on to join.me
  • Once logged on click the share button and await further instructions.
Cost of the service
The charge for this service is $60 for up to the first 1/2 hour and $35 for up to each additional 1/2 hour spent, if necessary. (Example: A 40 minute call will cost a total of $95. Most work is usually completed in an hour or less.) The programmer will charge your card for $60 before beginning work and after the work is completed any time over 30 minutes will then be charged. It is recommended that you install the ARC software and the USB cable programming drivers before the session is started to save the expense of having the programmer assist you with this work.

Important Points
  1. The service will be provided for initial programming of scanners and for troubleshooting of scanner problems. This service is geared toward users that are intermediate PC users and above. If you are a beginner PC user mailing the scanner in is preferred.
  2. The programmer will insure that he has connected to your scanner and will begin work. At that point the programmer may inform you that he will hang up the call and complete the work via remote PC control. You will be asked to stand by in case the programmer needs to call back during the work. The programmer will call back when finished to discuss the work with you and test the programming with you so you are asked to please wait for that call.
  3. You will be able to watch the programmer as he takes control of your computer to complete the work. You'll see on your PC screen as he downloads data to your scanner and edits and checks the programming and test the scanning. We ask that you watch this session. Please insure that no private/personal information is available on your desktop or elsewhere on your PC at your discretion. (If you are concerned at all about this you should send your scanner in to Scanner Master for programming.)
  4. Some public safety communications systems are not receivable on any scanner including: OpenSky, ProVoice/Aegis Digital, LTR MultiNet, Any type of Encryption, TDMA, MotoTurbo or any other non-standard digital format. The programmer will advise any situation where the local primary radio system is unmonitorable as far as we are aware.
  5. If the programmer for any reason is unable to connect with your computer, program your scanner or program it to your satisfaction you have the option to then send the scanner to us at your expense and we will attempt to program the radio at our offices for no additional charge. However, once the $60 fee is charged and the programmer begins work there is no refund for the programming service.

3a. More on Scanner Troubleshooting and Training

What Our Troubleshooting Service Can and Can't Do for You
It's impossible for us to guarantee that we'll be able to solve whatever problem you may be having with your scanner. Generally we can but it's not guaranteed and once we begin our efforts we have to charge you for the time and that fee is not refundable. Typically if the problem is related to that you can't program channels or find channels in the scanner that you have programmed, or you are unable to figure out how to program a trunking system for example, we can assist. If the problem is that you're not hearing the agency/frequency/trunking system that you want to hear then it's a trickier issue because it may just be that you're not in a good reception area and you need to look into installing an outdoor antenna, for example. We can help you at least figure out whether the scanner is programmed properly to receive the system you want to hear and then, if you can't hear it, we can then discuss with you the antenna and other options you can consider to possibly (but not definitely) resolve the problem. Note that it is preferable that you purchase and install ARC Pro software if you would like us to do troubleshooting as we are able to actually view the scanner display and controls using ARC Pro software. (For some scanner models there is no choice offered between Basic and Pro. Check with Scanner Master first before ordering software for these scanners as to whether we can troubleshoot these models.)

What we can also offer as part of this service is Training. We only offer this service on select models. With training we can take you through the most critical elements of how to operate your scanner: How to turn Banks/Systems, as well as Groups, off and on. How to locate a frequency, how to turn Close Call and other functions off and on, how to find a Service Search bank, etc.

Please note that the programmer may also have a time limit as he will have other customers with appointments that have been scheduled.

Customer Feedback about Remote Programming...


Subject: Customer Feedback Remote Programming

My remote programming of my Uniden 15x scanner went very well. The programmer Greg Jolly ask me allot of questions to customize my scanning programming experience to my specifications. If I had mailed my scanner back to you it would been on the truck and back for about 14 days round trip counting weekends. All that time and gas, what a waste. By programming my scanner remotely I was able to see positive results minutes after Greg professionally programmed it. I thanked the Scanner Master Corporation for providing their customers this much needed service.

Robert Young