Police Scanners and Rebanding


What is Rebanding?
The 800MHz band is shared by both cellular and public safety communications. With the growing use of this band there been problem with interference. To eliminate the interference, all public safety systems will reband moving from 862-869MHz to 851-854MHz. This will form a buffer between the public safety and cellular communications.

When it happens…
When the Rebanding takes place, your scanner will stop working on the 800MHz trunking/conventional system. Some scanners will only need a firmware update and the system to be reprogrammed. Scanners older than 7 years old may not support Rebanding, so they will need to be replaced.

Please download the chart below to see if your scanner is eligible for a firmware update:
Uniden Scanners Firmware Chart
GRE Scanners Firmware Chart

If your scanner is eligible for a firmware update we can help, to learn more visit our updating your firmware page.

New to the Hobby
If you’re new to the hobby, and you’re purchasing a scanner today, no need to worry! All newer scanners support Rebanding. Keep in mind if the system your monitor hasn’t rebanded yet, once they do, you would need to reprogram the system.

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