Notes on Important Updates....

For those who have a subscription the web interface between the Butel Software and RadioReference will cease working on August 1st as has instituted a new web service interface. Butel Software has updated its ARC software to work with the new web service but you will need to download an updated copy of the software. The download will automatically replace your current software and (except for very old versions of certain software) your registration key will be maintained and will not have to be re-entered.

For those who have not tried Butel 's ARC software you can download a free demo copy for your scanner using the link below and if you like it you can order a registration key through our web site for the software which will turn the demo download into a full version.

If you already have a paid full version then the demo will recognize your registration key and the download will be an updated full version.

ARC2 (Icom R2)
ARC3 (Icom R3)
ARC5 (Icom R5)
ARC6 (Icom R6)
ARC15 Basic (BCT15)
ARC15 Lite (BCT15)
ARC15 Pro (BCT15)
ARC20 (Icom R20)
ARC83 (PRO83/84)
ARC96 (PRO96/2096
ARC125 (BC125AT)
ARC135 (PRO135/136)
ARC137 (PRO137)
ARC160 (PRO160/162)
ARC200 (SC200)
ARC230 (SC230)
ARC230Lite (SC230)
ARC246 (BC246T)
ARC250 Basic (BC250D)
ARC250 Pro (BC250D)
ARC300 (PSR300/400,PRO163/164)
ARC310 Basic (PSR310/410)
ARC330 Basic (BR330T)
ARC330 Pro (BR330T)
ARC396 Basic (BCD396T)
ARC396 Pro (BCD396T)
ARC404 (GRE100/200,PRO404/405)
ARC433 (PRO433/528/2051)
ARC500 (PSR500/600)
ARC500 Pro (PSR500/600)
ARC536 Basic (BCD436/536HP)
ARC536 PRO (BCD436/536HP)
ARC780 (BC780XLT)
ARC898 (BC898T)
ARC996 Basic (BCD996T)
ARC996 Pro (BCD996T)
ARC5000 (AR5000)
ARC8200 (AR8200/AR8600)
ARCXT Basic (BCD325P2/BC346XT/BCD396XT/BCT15X/BCD996XT/P2)
ARC Patrol (HomePatrol)
AvCall Decoder
Fire Tone Decoder
Multi Tone Decoder
Tone Generator


RadioShack USB Cable Drivers:
RadioShack USB Driver

Uniden USB Drivers for the following scanners:
Uniden USB-1 Drivers for XT Scanners

Windows 8
Important Windows 8 Information
The current Prolific Driver, as delivered through their web site and through Windows Update for Windows 8, will not work with older USB-1 cables that use the PL2303HXA chipset. To use these drivers you must have a current USB-1 cable that uses the PL2303HXD chipset. You can still use the older cable under Windows 8, however, you must use "legacy" drivers. We are in the process of checking the 1.6.0 installer for compatibility, but have confirmation that the 1.5.0 installer includes drivers that will work with the older cables.
You can download those installers here:

Windows 8 Operating System
PL2303 Prolific Driver V1.8.0

Windows 7/XP Operating Systems
PL2303 Prolific Driver v1.7.0

Windows ME/95 Operating Systems
PL2303 Prolific Driver v1.5.0