Scanner Master Custom Products and Services

For over 20 years Scanner Master has been publishing some of the nation's most accurate and comprehensive frequency guides. We also now edit and sell Police Call, the nation's most up-to-date compendium of radio frequency information.

Of course Scanner Master is also your best resource for scanners and accessories. As we participate in the development of many scanner models there is no one better to answer your questions and help you get started in scanning and, more particularly, in trunktracking and digital scanning.

We also sell antennas and cable, pre-amplifiers and filters, replacement battery packs, leather cases, cables, and more. Our scanner software make programming and remote control easy and fun.

For racing enthusiasts, we carry a complete line of products that make scanning at the track a pleasure. We also offer a complete line of police, fire and EMS books and videos.

Scanner Master also custom designs and manufactures high-quality accessories for the scanner marketplace. The accessories are built with radio hobbyists, public safety professionals, and news media members in mind.

Connect an Optoelectronics Frequency Counter to your BC-245 or BC-780 for remotely tuning and instantly monitoring any nearby transmission. This product is out of production and no longer available.

780 Battery Pack
Mount internal, rechargeable batteries in your Bearcat 780 for the best in on-the-go monitoring.

780 Auto-Lighter
Extend the battery life of your internal 780 batteries with this unique device that turns the radio's backlighting on only during transmissions. Great for home or mobile use as well. This product is out of production and no longer available.

780 & 785 Carrying Case
Check out this rugged, custom-designed carrying case for the Bearcat 780. With your battery pack and auto-lighter, you're ready to travel anywhere with the hottest scanner around. This product is out of production and no longer available.

780 Auto-Muter
Automatically mute the audio of the 780 when transmitting with a mobile two-way. Perfect for eliminating feedback or simply quieting the scanner when trying to converse with your dispatch center or another mobile unit. This product is out of production and no longer available.

780 Scan-Plus
With this tiny unit plugged onto the back of your BC780 you can listen to local AM and distant shortwave broadcast stations. If you like, while using the scanner to listen to broadcasts, you can use scanner Priority to check important communications channels. This is a handy and entertaining accessory to carry with your BC780 at all times. You can also use the scanner's search feature to automatically seek out AM Broadcast Band stations and AM Shortwave (HF) stations. Gives you full coverage from 0-25 MHz (AM) so your BC-780 becomes practically a DC to Daylight receiver. This product is out of production and no longer available.

780 Remote Head
Mount the front-head of your 780 anywhere in the cab of your vehicle (on-dash, under-dash, on-ceiling, etc.) with either velcro or use the Uniden-supplied mounting bracket. The unique Scanner Master bevelled-edge design of the front-head enclosure allows you any number of mounting angles and options. We also supply a metal plate to cover up the back end of the receiver. This product is out of production and no longer available. Be sure to look for the BC796 Remote head which is still in stock as of early 2006.


Scanner Programming
Advanced scanners, particularly trunking models, can be difficult to program. For those who prefer not to program their scanner themselves, Scanner Master can program your radio for you with frequencies specific to your area. This service is not always available due to time constraints. Costs vary depending on the type of scanner and the number of frequencies and trunking systems you wish programmed. Click here for more details.

Scanner Modifications
Certain scanner modifications are available through a third-party vendor who specializes in improving scanner features, audio, channels, and more. Check back for further information.

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