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SR-202 SportSync Radio AC Adapter Uniden AC Adapter for HomePatrol Uniden AD-1001 AC Adapter
Uniden AD-1001 AC Adapter
Our Price: $24.95
SR-202 SportSync Radio AC Adapter.

Product Code: 01-531724
AC power supply for Uniden HomePatrol.

Product Code:10-531641
AC Adapter for BC246T/BCD396T/BCD396XT/BC346XT

Product Code: 01-531067
Uniden AD-1009 AC Adapter Uniden AD-1017 AC Adapter Uniden AD-140U AC Adapter
Uniden AD-1009 AC Adapter
Our Price: $24.95
Uniden AD-1017 AC Adapter
Our Price: $19.95
Uniden AD-140U AC Adapter
Our Price: $19.95
Base Station AC power supply for Uniden Scanners: BC340CRS, BC370CRS, BCT15/BCT15X, BCD996T/BCD996XT, BC785D, BC780XLT and BC-RH96 Remote Head.

Product Code:10-531544
AC Adapter for BC72XLT, BC92XLT, BC95XLT & SC230.

Product Code: 01-530975
Base Station AC Adapter for Models such as the BCT8, BC898T & BC200XLT.

Product Code: 02-530762